Who We Are

Proven Expertise. Decades of Innovation. We deliver business-critical communications and collaboration solutions your users can rely on.


In today’s digital world, technology drives your business. Making it work the way you want drives ours.

Since 1992, TWD has been working directly with organizations to meet the challenges – and deliver on the promises – of a constantly evolving technology landscape.

As that technology continues to transform how workers work and how businesses conduct business, TWD addresses current challenges from a position of strength.

Our proven performance, solid reputation, and broad expertise gained from decades of innovation and experience working with the foundational elements of communications and collaboration technologies enable us to deliver industry-leading voice, video, presence, and data capabilities seamlessly to today’s workers – anywhere, on any device.

You Don’t Have To Go It Alone

Communications and collaboration solutions not only are critical to keeping mobile and teleworkers connected, their powerful capabilities can help your users work better and smarter. Perhaps, though, you don’t know where to start. Or you may have designed your solution, but don’t have the in-house technology expertise to implement or maintain it.

No matter where you are in unifying your technologies and your workers, TWD helps you fill these gaps. Our end-to-end services and resources can be plugged in wherever you need them. We’ll keep you moving forward – and on your way to achieving a technology solution that works the way your users work.

A Proven Partner

Who is TWD? We are a trusted IT partner with proven expertise and more than 25 years of experience applying technology and amplifying results.

Customers come to TWD because our technology expertise, holistic approach, and extensive capabilities deliver customized business-critical solutions that work, that are reliable, and that enhance user productivity, collaboration, and performance.

Customers stay with us because we are agile, dependable, and responsive, whether they have a simple install or a large, complex project.

Your technology drives your business. TWD makes it work the way you want.