What We Do

Our digital transformations improve and future-enable your operations, user experience, and service delivery.

Service Desk Support

When it comes to system support, your users need fast access to knowledgeable resources that have deep understanding of the technology – and your business.

TWD delivers these vital resources to you in a variety of convenient service desk solution offerings.

Our diverse team of qualified IT Support Services resources includes customer service and support specialists, software trainers, computer specialists, and engineers. From traditional help desk support to troubleshooting to proactive monitoring, you can rely on us to handle your users’ requests and prioritize, address, and remediate your local or remote IT issues to sustain critical system uptime, security, performance, and user productivity.

Delivering Peace of Mind

Our proud reputation for quality design, system implementation, and excellent customer service extends to our user support services. Many factors, including our well-disciplined workflows, automated process tools, and industry best practices – including Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) and Lean Six Sigma – set our help desk solutions apart, and help you increase your efficiency, control costs, and add value to your business processes.

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TWD service desk solutions are differentiated by:

Customized Support
We recognize that each business is different. As your business partner, TWD adapts to your unique business needs. With each user support call, we build on an advanced knowledge base – a valuable resource for continuous learning and reference for issues that are common – and specific – to your business and system configuration.
Service Desk Model
Give your users a single point of contact for resolving local or remote technical issues (e.g., network) and application support (e.g., Microsoft Office, Microsoft Windows OS, Apple MacBook). Our TWD Service Desk provides the highest level of support to your business. Our specialized staff has the breadth of required certifications and expertise needed to assist with all of your users’ specific technical requests.
24/7 Coverage
System issues or downtime can bring your productivity and revenues to a halt. As a business partner, TWD understands the need for user support for your business processes – day or night. TWD offers coverage for a broad variety of technical, applications, and business support functions by highly trained professionals 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Best Practices
TWD applies ITIL-based best practices to our multi-level service desk model for IT infrastructure support. ITIL-based best practices are a framework for the efficient and financially responsible use of IT resources. This framework has been in use for many years by organizations that provide service to customers around the world.
Skilled Staff
TWD technicians hold industry-recognized certifications and have several years of demonstrated experience utilizing managed service systems and tools to monitor, access, and remediate issues that threaten your productivity.
Fast Resolution and SLAs
We define clear and consistent escalation procedures that maximize first-call resolution by providing initial assessment of all incidents and escalating to second-level support when required, as agreed upon in our service-level agreements (SLAs).
Proactive Support
TWD adds value to your problem management system by helping to determine root causes for common incidents and offering suggestions for improvement – including on-demand or customized training, FAQs, hardware/software needs, and/or the development of new IT policies. Our regular reporting keeps you well-informed of your overall system performance and pinpoints situations that may limit your business growth. If you request, we can perform a business case analysis (BCA) using Lean Six Sigma methodology to help you improve your business processes.
Customer Satisfaction
Your satisfaction with our services is very important to us. Following every user support call, we send a survey to the person that was served. Survey data is used to generate statistical reports to stakeholders at no additional cost. This process helps to verify our performance, and identify if any corrective action is required. You also have access to your survey raw data (transparency) for your own statistical verification.

TWD Managed Service Desk Solutions Include:

  • IT Consultation and Desktop Support
  • Employee On/Off Boarding
  • Hardware Support Service
  • Software Support Service
  • Data Management
  • Communications and Connectivity
  • AV/Multi-Media Support
  • Printer Service Management
  • And more…

Proven User Support

TWD service desk solutions work as an advocate for your users to provide vital, specialized technical user support. These services, when combined with our managed monitoring and systems maintenance services, deliver the resources and tools needed to sustain reliable system uptime, security, and user productivity.

TWD provides service desk support for customers across multiple industries and with a range of service-level requirements, including low- and zero-error tolerance environments.

Ask us about these projects, and learn how TWD can provide the specialized support resources you need to keep your users productive.