Our vibrant and motivating work environment demands performance and rewards innovation, teamwork, and leadership.

Message from the CEO

Larry Besterman President and CEO

Larry Besterman

President and CEO

For over 30 years, TWD has applied technology to customer organizations to amplify their results. The results – from satisfied and more productive customers to the continued strength and stability of our company – can be credited in large part to our employees, whose efforts have been central to our long-term record of stable sales, profitable operations, and continuously expanding service offerings.

As you read through the pages in the Careers section of this Website, you will see references to profit sharing and performance-based compensation. These are formalized plans that are in place to allow our employees to share in the rewards of our collective success. These are the “pay-offs” of a successful collaboration culture. We want our employees – at all levels and in all areas – to understand that their individual productivity, attitude, and contributions affect not only their individual success, but also the success of the entire company – including all other employees.

There are several crucial elements to nurturing a successful collaboration culture within TWD:

  1. Operate in an environment of transparency and mutual accountability

    • Keep employees informed about company goals and performance
    • Ensure that employees know what is expected of them as individuals
    • Provide the guidance and tools needed to meet or exceed those expectations
  2. Measure employee performance against objectives

    • Reward success
    • Provide additional support if individuals fall short
  3. Seek out potential employees who want to be invested in the company’s long-term health and growth

    • Ensure those employees get a good return on their investment
    • Make that return more than a paycheck. Our retirement-oriented 401(k) plan encourages employees to take an extended view of the future of the company and how that relates to their own long-term security

We believe that the best environment is a win-win-win – a true alignment of the company’s interests with those of our employees and our customers. When we work to create a positive and rewarding work environment, we attract and retain the best people. A workforce of experienced and skilled individuals helps us attract and retain the best customers. The company succeeds, our employees succeed, and our customers succeed – and our collaboration culture comes full circle.