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UI/UX User-Centered Design

The prevalence of software applications on every device from desktops to mobile phones to wearables has led tech-savvy users to establish certain expectations for their interactions with an application, as well as their overall experience with the interface and offered services.

TWD’s application services teams understand the importance of these user expectations and how their experience reflects on the organization itself. Our application development, therefore, includes a significant focus on user-centered design.

Our design teams proactively work with end users to gain an understanding of how they will use and interact with the application and how they will consume the services offered. Our designers coordinate with programmers and other stakeholders to fuel the design considerations, as well as to understand the appropriate visual translation of the backend controls for convenient, secure user access.

User interface (UI) and user experience (UX) best practices then are applied across multiple platforms to create a user-centered design that addresses the end user’s needs in a simple, convenient interface and high-quality user experience – from any device.

Elements of Design

TWD has evolved its UI/UX user-centered application design to take into consideration the diverse factors of graphic design, interaction design, and information architecture.

UI Design The user interface is comprised of the visual elements that allow a user to interact with the application. Because users expect some visual elements of an interface to operate a certain way – such as buttons and links – TWD’s UI designers incorporate these elements predictably within our UI designs. We create clear taxonomies and content, visual hierarchies and typographies, and ensure fundamental and consistent color and contrast in the presentation of content.

UX Design The user’s experience reflects an overall first impression – of the interface, the organization, and the products or services. We want that first impression to be a good one, and work to manage and maximize the interface real estate across all possible engagement platforms including mobile. Our designers ensure that we are delivering a unified experience by performing contextual inquiries with users, stakeholder interviews, heuristic reviews to identify usability issues, personas of different user types, mental models, and experience maps. Our UX renditions are enhanced by maintaining simplicity and consistency throughout our UI design.

A Great First Impression

The success of our UI/UX user-centered designs is proven in countless TWD application deployments, with user experiences that deliver beyond expectation. Our expertise in Agile and AWS (including the Elastic Transcoding service) enables us to deliver UI/UX designs cost-effectively across multiple devices and platforms.

Learn more  about our TWD UI/UX user-centered designs and find out how you can make a great first impression with your end users.