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Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a secure cloud services platform that delivers a variety of industry-leading on-demand infrastructure services – including server space, storage, and computing power.

An early adopter of AWS, TWD brings mature capability and a proven record of accomplishment to bear in our cloud services for AWS. Through these services, our seasoned AWS-certified associates and professionals execute solutions that include large enterprise cloud migrations and hybrid configurations in the AWS cloud.

Moving to the AWS Cloud

The TWD cloud services team works with you to establish your specific requirements for your AWS solution. Taking into consideration these requirements as well as potential cost savings and domain interdependencies, we develop a strategic roadmap for successful AWS adoption that includes applications modernization and alignment, infrastructure migration, data migration, security configurations, and process optimizations for cloud service efficiencies.

During implementation, we collaborate with you to align, optimize, and implement your solution using AWS best practices and a Lean-Agile framework for low-risk, incremental delivery. Once your AWS solution is in-place, our ongoing O&M support and collaboration with your internal IT team ensure that your AWS implementation remains aligned and optimized for your needs.

TWD offers a variety of services for AWS, including:

Process Optimization and Efficiencies AWS offers wide array of choices in architecture and provides elasticity with on-demand computing configurations. TWD assesses your needs for AWS architecture components that are cost-efficient, scalable, and resilient, and examines opportunities for efficiencies and process optimization within the AWS cloud environment.

Transformation and Modernization TWD can help you with the challenges associated with your move to AWS, whether you are migrating a single application, or modernizing your entire service delivery and operations architecture in the cloud. TWD’s proven experience and deep expertise in AWS transformations and modernizations guide your AWS cloud adoption while minimizing your risks, and maximizing your scalability.

Security and Compliance On the AWS platform, the security and compliance of the services are the customer’s responsibility. In all of our AWS projects, therefore, TWD assesses your specific requirements for security and data handling, then implements security best practices and the appropriate controls and configurations to ensure that your solution complies with all relevant industry and government regulations including NIST, FISMA, and FedRAMP.


TWD partnered with a major government agency for the successful adoption of AWS for their large migration, and provides ongoing support post-migration.

Ask us about this project and learn how TWD can help you tap into the power of the AWS platform.