What We Do

Our digital transformations improve and future-enable your operations, user experience, and service delivery.

Telework Solutions

“Work is something I do, not somewhere I go.” This is the new dimension of thought for most of the modern-day technical workforce.

Teleworking, telecommuting, and other trends are shifting “work” outside of a conventional office setting. Powered by emerging technologies, these trends are challenging the boundaries of business operations, becoming embedded in our work culture, and underscoring the focus on critical employee work-life balance and productivity.

TWD helps you respond to these movements with effective solutions that deliver reliable, highly available, and secure anywhere-anytime access from any device to the systems and applications that your employees need to do their jobs.

Our experienced telework team assesses your specific telework challenges, including business requirements, user needs, and environment. The findings influence our recommendations and roadmap for customized solutions that provide location-independent, secure access to your business-critical IT resources, including company data and line-of-business applications from any device.

Empowering Your Remote Users

Today’s technology paradigm provides multiple tools for effective remote access. Vital for the efficiency and productivity of your remote workers, these tools – along with your existing technology investments – are architected into our leading-edge TWD telework solutions and include:

  • Server-Based Computing (SBC)
    • Citrix
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)
    • VMWare, XenApp, and Microsoft Hyperion
  • Virtual Private Networks (VPN)
    • Cisco, Juniper
  • And more…

TWD has more than 15 years of experience and a proven track record of implementing successful telework solutions. Our solutions support public and private sector telework initiatives, provide access for customers on travel, and implement savings using cost-effective thin clients.

In order to extend enterprise network functionality and resources safely and securely to your remote users, TWD solutions implement strong, two-factor authentication technologies to protect these endpoints. Leading-edge technologies include products from Welbeck Secure, which offers a range of solutions that secure mobility and machine-to-machine connections anywhere there is Internet access. These can be wired or wireless, and can communicate over 3G/4G, RF, and satellite.

Location-Independent Solutions

TWD provides end-to-end telework solutions that support your workforce and business operations – from concept and design to technical integration with your existing systems and implementation to customized processes and maintenance.

Regardless of where you are in your telework strategy, TWD can ensure that your organization is ready to enable your remote workers with a solution that powers their productivity, connectivity, flexibility, and access – anywhere, on any device.