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Unified Communications

Today’s communications technologies enable users to be more productive – and more connected – than ever before. This is good news, particularly for organizations whose critical communications can involve remote users and extreme environments in addition to being fixed in a facility.

Behind the scenes, though, organizations struggle with a growing tangle of separate applications, interfaces, and infrastructures that can be complex, costly to implement and manage, and difficult to scale.

TWD addresses these challenges expertly with unified communications (UC) solutions. Offered as part of our collaboration and IT Infrastructure capabilities, TWD’s UC solutions evolve your infrastructure and integrate your multi-vendor communications and collaboration capabilities in one system behind a single interface.

The results are an enhanced experience for your users, simplified communications management and administration for IT, and the ability to embrace new technologies and trends with communications that scale and work the way your users do – anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

Unified. Simplified. Mobilized.

Whether your users are in the office, across the country, or on the other side of the world, TWD UC solutions seamlessly and conveniently connect your workforce with real-time, high-bandwidth communications and collaboration solutions integrated on a single platform:

  • Voice
  • Video
  • Email
  • Mobile/SMS
  • Desktop and File-Sharing
  • Telepresence, Instant Messaging, and Chat
  • And more…

When it comes to UC, one-size simply doesn’t fit all. Our TWD UC team expertly assesses your unique business goals, project, and user requirements with a technology-agnostic, systems-oriented approach to determine the capabilities – and delivery method – that will work best for you:

On-Premise UC Systems Our customer-owned on-premise UC systems are interoperable with your existing infrastructure and tools from multiple vendors. We leverage your assets along with the most appropriate leading technologies from top industry vendors – including Microsoft and Cisco – to design, build, and deliver a cost-effective, customized system that fits your business, users, and budget.

With support for iOS, Android, or Windows devices in mobile and BYOD environments; and for public, private, and hybrid cloud delivery models, the TWD UC system’s anytime, anywhere capabilities reduce your carbon footprint and promote greener operations by empowering telework options and minimizing the need for travel.

Cloud-Based UC Services TWD also offers Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) using Microsoft Skype for Business. This no-worry, fixed-cost, and scalable delivery alternative provides your users with access to a full-suite of the latest UC capabilities in the cloud – without the capital investment and resource commitments of an on-premise solution.

Delivering on the Promise of UC

TWD delivers on the promise of the latest, leading UC technology, enabling cost and efficiency advantages for IT and mobility, presence, and increased productivity and collaboration for your teams. Our flexible architecture allows your organization to embrace emerging technologies and trends for future growth.

Regardless of the platform – fixed, mobile device, PC, tablet, or ruggedized field-device – TWD UC solutions ensure optimal performance, bandwidth, and reliable availability across your ecosystem so that your users can communicate and collaborate – quickly and easily – anytime, anywhere on a range of devices.