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Conferencing Services

Video conferencing certainly is not a new concept for organizations. But an increasingly mobile workforce, distributed teams, and remote customers have fueled the need – and raised the bar – for higher-quality connections, seamless collaboration, and solution options that span from the conference room to the cloud.

Depending on your distinct combination of user requirements, budget, and business objectives, an on-premise conferencing solution may be your best choice. If that’s the case, you can count on TWD conferencing services to deliver on the special expertise and resources you need to deploy, configure, operate, support, and optimize your video conferencing environment.

Our proven experience gained from more than 25 years of operating and maintaining conference systems – and managing millions of minutes of secure and unsecure calls – takes the weight of supporting and managing your conferencing solution off your shoulders, and provides your users with a fully immersive conference experience that’s supported by reliable performance.

Enabling Seamless Connections

Staffed by our team of engineers, programmers, and operators with a comprehensive knowledge of all aspects of on-premise conferencing, TWD conferencing services provide vital operations, maintenance, management, and resource support for your conference room environments, systems, and calls. In addition, our team is educated on your specific requirements in order to help them deliver a conferencing experience that lives up to your expectations.

TWD has supported video conferencing infrastructures for the highest levels of the U.S. executive branch, elements of six cabinet departments, three of the armed services, two federal independent agencies, and numerous others including state and local governments, commercial companies, non-profits and educational institutions. We have transformed this highly specialized experience into a proven methodology that supports and stabilizes conferencing operations. Our methodology is based on the following five specific service areas:

Support Readiness

From the physical environment to the conferencing system to the calls, TWD provides readiness support services that ensure that your video conferencing solution is always prepared for use.

TWD proactively manages your conference rooms to ensure that all equipment is operational for conference calls to occur on schedule. We test and confirm that all video conferencing system endpoints will connect to their required destinations and provide clear, high-quality, and continuous communication during sessions. Equipment and other system-related issues and their resolutions are communicated to you regularly. Our readiness service is performed for both classified and sensitive but unclassified communications, and in point-to-point and multi-point arrangements during normal business hours – as well as extended hours, when requested.

Video Conferencing Call Assistance

Our TWD conferencing call assistance service offers call scheduling, on-site and off-site call assistance, and call monitoring. In addition, our team of conference room and video teleconference (VTC) operators deliver end-user training for conference room setup and operations training.

TWD is experienced in the use of centralized call management software such as the Cisco Telepresence Management System (TMS), Cisco Call Manager, Microsoft Exchange, and other products that help to manage conference room scheduling and availability – and that protect against overbooking. In large environments, TWD stations our operators at strategic points throughout your facility or within support-reach to meet with and assist end users in establishing and field-testing calls, as well as troubleshooting conference calls.

Effective Troubleshooting

If problems do arise as a result of call setup failures or poor performance, the TWD troubleshooting team will escalate to our senior staff members who are experienced in call setup and endpoint management. TWD has supported the federal government’s audio and video conferences on IP and ISDN; on classified and sensitive but unclassified networks; and in zero-fail environments. We apply that same critical training and deep experience to troubleshoot and identify root causes in your network or conference room facilities.

Rapid Recovery

Our rapid recovery service enables fast resolution of most issues. For instance, during the troubleshooting process, if an equipment failure is discovered, TWD will determine if an equipment replacement is in stock at our facilities – and deliver it to the onsite TWD technician who will replace it for you under the established SLA. If the equipment replacement is not in stock, our technician will escalate the issue to the TWD engineer on-call who will determine the equipment replacement options. If a support contract is in place, TWD will contact the vendor for you and arrange for a replacement.

Preventative Maintenance

Our TWD maintenance service provides thorough preventative maintenance and inspection support for all of your equipment and systems that we service. Our experienced, technically certified professionals have extensive experience in deploying, operating, and maintaining audio platform, multi-platform, legacy, and IP-based VTC – and will ensure proactive maintenance of the specified video conferencing system components within your environment.

Your Proven Partner

TWD conferencing services provide the critical and expert support, proactive maintenance, and issue resolution that you need to ensure that your video conferencing solutions are performance-ready and worry-free. Keep your users connected, productive, and collaborating. TWD conferencing services ensure that your video conferencing solution is prepared to support them.