Our vibrant and motivating work environment demands performance and rewards innovation, teamwork, and leadership.

Professional Development

Your personal and professional development should not end once you land a job. In fact, TWD encourages you to maximize your success – and potential – by promoting and investing in ongoing employee advancement and growth.

Through continued education, specialized training and certifications, as well as practical development on internal or client projects, you’ll have the opportunity to hone your existing technical skills, extend your capabilities, explore new interests, and advance your career.

Keep the Saw Sharp

The key element of TWD’s commitment to employee advancement and growth is a continuous and proactive process of planning, goal setting and assessment. We’ll guide you toward achieving your development goals – and maximizing your potential – across multiple areas:

  • Current Role Growth – strengthen a specific skill for your current role
  • Role Enhancement – expand your current position
  • Lateral Move – apply existing skills to a different effort or area
  • Promotion to Managerial or Technical Leadership – prepare for a leadership role
  • Change Field or Function – explore new areas of interest or refocus your career

Expand Your Horizons

TWD believes that continued learning and development help to motivate our employees – and make them a more vital component of the TWD team. Explore your potential with TWD’s support that includes:

  • Tuition Reimbursement
  • Time, priority, and resources that enable you to participate and lead in relevant industry forums
  • Mentoring
  • Development planning
  • Certification boot camps and testing
  • Professional affiliations
  • Internal and external recognition of your achievements
  • Training


“TWD’s commitment to employee growth and development is proven and valued by our staff. Our management focus guides employees – through continued education, training, and practical development – to improve and augment their skill sets, pursue their interests, and maximize their potential.”

-Larry Besterman, President and Chief Executive Officer