Collaboration & IT Infrastructure Solutions

Integrating technology and environment to support and secure your connections

Collaboration & IT Infrastructure Solutions

The wires, cables, phone lines that serve as the paths that connect your networks and devices make up your organization’s physical IT infrastructure. This critical aspect of your overall network and IT systems design provides the critical foundation for the advanced technologies that support your organization’s critical needs.

TWD understands the interdependence of both the physical and technology aspects of your infrastructure in enabling the best outcomes, particularly when it comes to enabling operational and protection capabilities, increasing user productivity, and connecting your users – whether they are down the hall or on the other side of the world.

We apply our decades of experience and deep expertise with voice, video, and data technologies to solving your specific challenges. We combine the latest tools with modern delivery methods and design and implement the underlying physical infrastructures that continue to provide effective support as needs grow. The results are powerful, technology-forward solutions that perform reliably and efficiently and deliver seamless end-user experiences.

Technology-Forward Solutions

With specialized knowledge across a range of capabilities, our experienced and technology-certified IT engineers and technicians provide expert design and build support for everything from simple installs – to large technology projects that integrate data, voice, and video technologies in complex multimedia solutions. This includes physical infrastructure installations such as cabling and equipment mounting.

In addition, our partnerships with major technology manufacturers keep us informed and connected with the latest innovations and future trends in both physical IT infrastructure and collaboration technologies – insights that we consider in the design and build of your solution. Following implementation, TWD offers specialized operation and maintenance services to ensure your solution is optimized for ongoing performance and availability.

Whether you require basic email and office productivity applications to run on local desktops, have sophisticated requirements for connecting users anywhere on any device, or need advanced protection and secure access capabilities, TWD delivers with these offerings:

Delivering On Your Potential

TWD adheres to our top-level standards for managing the design and build for all technology projects – regardless of size. Particularly for more complex projects such as digital media systems and biometrics, these standards ensure that your system is designed and delivered according to your requirements, budget, and timeline. The result is a high-quality solution that fits your business – today and tomorrow.

Learn how TWD can help you deliver on your potential.