What We Do

Our digital transformations improve and future-enable your operations, user experience, and service delivery.

Data Sciences & Analytics

An abundant by-product of our digital age, data is everywhere. But its value is locked – unless you know how to use it. Technology can help, and that’s where TWD comes in.

TWD is a thought leader and pioneer in the fields of data science, data visualization, and big data. Our approach to data science is based on data democratization – a concept that places information in the hands of non-technical users to gain insights from that data.

Our application services teams are skilled in the technologies that enable your end users to unlock your data’s value. We research your people, processes, and technologies; gain an understanding of your organization’s goals for knowledge from your data; and create an attainable roadmap. Using industry best practices and trends in infrastructure evolution, we build a future-aligned analytics platform that supports your data goals today, and that is positioned to evolve as those goals, technologies, or your needs change.

Putting Data Democratization to Work for You

Placing data into the hands of your non-technical end users opens up a world of new perspectives, interpretations, connections, and insights which can translate to real business value, inform better decision-making, and even influence security strategies to address emerging threats.

To provide a wider perspective on your own organization’s data, TWD also can connect your analytics platform with user-friendly public data sources such as Data.gov; organizations that provide content through programs including OpenData500 (which tracks the use of public data) and OpenNASA (which makes all of NASA’s open data, code, and APIs publicly available); and information from citizen data scientists.

TWD harnesses advanced data visualization, big data processing, and powerful analytic technologies to create connections between disparate and heterogeneous data to discover and infer new knowledge out of raw data.

See the Value

TWD’s future-aligned data science and analytics solutions put the power of advanced data visualization, big data processing, and powerful analytics technology to work for you to derive real value from your data stores. We can help you see the value in your data. Learn how.

FIGURE 1: Data Information Knowledge Wisdom (DIKW)
Portable Network GraphicsThe classic DIKW pyramid is the foundation and model for data democratization. TWD-built analytics platforms apply big data processing and powerful analytics technologies to your organization’s data as well as public data sources. Our advanced data visualization technologies provide deep insights that enable your non-technical end users to connect information and infer new knowledge from raw data.