Cloud Services

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Cloud Services

The intention of the U.S.’s Cloud First Policy is to accelerate the pace at which the federal government realizes the value of cloud computing. It seeks to achieve this by requiring agencies to evaluate safe, secure cloud computing options before making any new investments.

But specific cloud adoption strategies, timelines, and planning are critical to the success of an organization’s digital transformation.

As a proven partner in cloud services, TWD understands that each organization’s move to the cloud is unique – and that not all elements of an IT environment are ready for the cloud. Wherever you are in your digital transformation, TWD guides you in determining your best next steps. Whatever your business goals, TWD works with you to navigate the complexities of the cloud and enable you to embrace its benefits.

Our 25 years of technology experience includes demonstrated expertise and success in implementing cloud solutions and scaling mission-critical capabilities for large government agencies on industry-leading platforms including Microsoft, AWS, ServiceNow, and Salesforce. We can do the same for you.

Cloud Agnostic, Value-Centric

The ability to deliver business value in the cloud requires the right solution. TWD is both value-centric and cloud agnostic. With no commitments to a specific cloud solution provider, platform, or tool we are empowered to solve your business challenges with the right cloud investments – those that will deliver the most business value to you.

TWD begins by working closely with you to identify, analyze, and understand your computing needs, business goals, and challenges. We then design, architect, advise, and implement your digital strategy. Our incremental Agile delivery format enables you to realize business value and functionality quickly.

Our corporate partnerships with the following industry-leading cloud providers allow us to leverage the best cloud technologies and services available. Our dedicated TWD cloud services team is certified, skilled, and experienced in working with and delivering solutions using the specific tools, services, and platforms of these providers. In addition, TWD negotiates with them for best value, and implements service level agreements (SLAs) and policies that meet Federal compliance requirements.

Accelerate Your Move to the Cloud

TWD has evolved from “early adopter” to industry leader in maximizing and scaling cloud services to deliver business value. Learn how TWD cloud services can accelerate your agency’s successful move to the cloud.