What We Do

Our digital transformations improve and future-enable your operations, user experience, and service delivery.

Broadcast Solutions

Video conferencing is a vital – and familiar – tool for keeping your distributed workers connected. Today’s video-centric world, though, presents emerging opportunities for video beyond the conference room. Used as a recruiting tool, as a training tool, or as a marketing tool, video can help you reach new customers, tell your story, and strengthen your company brand.

TWD live event production and broadcast solutions offer the full breadth of operations, technical, production, and maintenance support you need to produce high-quality broadcasts of video, voice, and data – and deliver them flawlessly via conventional channels and online and mobile media.

“On Air”

Whether you are live-streaming special announcements, events, or webinars; creating assets for specific tasks such as onboarding new employees or e-learning for customers; or archiving assets for on-demand access – TWD is uniquely qualified to help.

TWD has over 20 years of experience in broadcast communications and a successful performance record in the most demanding executive level and national security environments. Our cleared personnel meet your requirements for the most secure settings in both government and commercial organizations.

Our broadcast solution staff remains current on industry trends and developments, emerging technologies, and industry-recognized benchmarks for training, standards, and best practices. Certifications include:

  • Society of Broadcast Engineer Certifications
  • Certified Technical Specialist (CTS)
  • CTS-I (Installation)
  • CTS-D (Design)
  • Certified Broadcast Network Technologist (CBNT)
  • Certified Broadcast Network Engineer (CBNE)
  • Certified Broadcast Television Engineer (CBTE)

Well-versed in all the related details, TWD broadcast solution experts deliver on specialized broadcast services including the engineering of physical production facilities and systems infrastructure; the onsite set-up of cameras, lighting, and sound systems; and ensuring that the technical equipment and systems for your broadcast are maintained, tested, and readied for seamless and reliable performance.

Broadcast Engineering

TWD broadcast engineering covers a range of specific infrastructure and room design services that support the operations of internal broadcast facilities, conference rooms, and command and control centers.

From broadcast production including digital workflows to video, voice, data, and streaming technologies, TWD designs, installs, and integrates infrastructures and solutions that enable you to create and broadcast through any media – telephone, radio, online, and mobile.

These services are performed by our certified Society of Broadcast Engineers (SBE) and AV-certified professionals who employ the System Engineering Life Cycle (SELC) model as the basis to develop new and major upgrade solutions. Engineering Design Packages (EDP) present detailed price proposals; system configuration drawings that show audio/video/control flow, equipment rack elevations, and critical signal path/measurements; and Bills of Materials (BOM).

Our projects include Broadcast over IP (BoIP) solutions that allow our customers to deploy worldwide in austere environments using multiple transmission mediums. Using our BoIP solutions, our customers successfully have streamed hundreds of live events worldwide.

During 28 years of audio-video engineering experience, TWD has implemented solutions successfully for customers including the US Department of Defense, civilian agencies, and commercial clients. TWD engineers are available to represent you as resident Subject Matter Experts and technical consultants on project review panels, as members of internal working groups, and in the requirement development process.

Live Event Production Services

TWD live event production services include the setup and operation of camera systems, teleprompting, lighting, sound reinforcement, audio and video acquisition, live broadcast, and coordination with live captioning services.

Our staff supports projects that require multiple camera feeds, live switching, and recording and includes cinematic-style production using a steady cam, jib, or track system as required.

In order to capture the highest-quality audio and video possible our experienced staff perform lighting and sound checks and address the dynamics related to audio and visual capture that are unique to each location. We make necessary adjustments to optimize audio quality by compensating for ambient noise, microphone characteristics, audio system noise floors and dynamic ranges, environmental conditions to include the materials and shapes of objects at the event location; all of which have an effect on the presence, timbre and intelligibility of audio. Room lighting and natural light are unique to every situation and must be addressed for proper video capture.

Event Production Support

  • Coordination efforts for all phases of events
  • Direct audio-visual support
  • Sound reinforcement systems
  • Professional-grade videotaping
  • Audio and video distribution
  • Announcing and presentation
  • Travel requirements
  • Distribution of products through a wide-variety of recording mediums
  • Set design for videotaping events incorporating unique requirements

Broadcast Operations

TWD broadcast operations services provide support for the operation and maintenance of customers’ master control facilities and production control facilities.

Our team of highly trained and industry-certified technicians captures and produces live broadcasts and/or archives media. This includes performing post-production that includes using non-linear editing suites providing live/delayed streaming or an edited VOD package after the event concludes.

TWD has experience on a full line of visual information (VI) products and services. Our staff makes recommendations on VI use, and provides design process guidance with expertise in design principles, color theory, layout options, and imagery capabilities.

We apply our unsurpassed experience in video asset management and archival systems to make these products available to our customers for use while maintaining an archival record of all content. From 2010 through 2015 alone, our staff cataloged and archived approximately 25,000 pieces (nearly one petabyte) of audio and video-recorded media.

Broadcast Operations Services

  • HD broadcast distribution and Internet Protocol
  • Full compressed/uncompressed digital audio and video workflow
    HD broadcast distribution and Internet Protocol
  • Live event camera switching and operation
  • Video on-demand support
  • Live streaming video content for Website applications
  • Live event audio feeds from any worldwide location
  • Multiple levels of video transcoding
  • Multimedia and graphic services
  • Ability to distribute products through a wide variety of recording mediums
  • All aspects of maintenance and training

Broadcast Audio-Visual Maintenance Services

TWD broadcast maintenance services provide maintenance of cable and direct broadcast satellite television distribution systems including providing system maintenance for broadcast operations facilities and the design, installation, and maintenance of fiber optic infrastructure. We engineer and maintain the headend points for:

  • Cable channels
  • Local market channels
  • Satellite broadcast channels
  • HD direct satellite systems
  • HDTV Closed Caption systems
  • Robust IPTV solutions
  • Audio distribution

In addition to broadcast infrastructure, TWD also performs scheduled and unscheduled maintenance and technical support for broadcast equipment including Electronic News-Gathering (ENG) cameras, broadcast production switchers, video/audio routing switchers, H.265/HEVC encoding systems, video recording and playback systems, file-based editing and transfer systems, audio field mixers and wireless transmission equipment, and all associated accessories.

TWD has established quality control processes to provide a proactive approach to maintenance that provides our customers with the highest system operational availability. Our processes include robust preventative maintenance checks and services, a thorough inspection program, and a regimented corrective action plan.