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DHS Eagle II Quality Assurance

TWD has an established, proactive quality assurance system that integrates quality into our full project management life cycle, monitors quality continuously throughout all phases of the project, and that performs organizational-level audits – to ensure consistent high-quality deliverables and successful project outcomes.

The TWD quality system is comprised of two major elements that work together toward assuring quality:

  • Integrated Project Quality (IPQ) Process – integrates quality into the TWD project management process
  • Organizational Quality Assurance Program – managed as part of the TWD Governance Program

The Integrated Project Quality (IPQ) Process

The purpose of the TWD IPQ process is to integrate quality practices into the full life cycle of each of our projects – to ensure that each phase in that life cycle produces the high-quality interim results that form the basis for future work. The major phases of the TWD life cycle are derived from the Project Management Institute’s Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMBOK), and include:

  • Initiation
  • Planning
  • Execution
  • Project Closeout

TWD views quality assurance as a responsibility of every member of the project team – although the Quality Control (QC) manager is an integral component of the TWD IPQ process. Quality assurance is integrated deeply in our workflow, from task planning through execution. By including quality control at the time of task initiation, we define, develop, and incorporate processes and procedures designed to produce high-quality deliverables and project results.

The IPQ process is customized to TWD core workflows and is embodied in project-level standard operating procedures that are stored on the TWD SharePoint portal. The TWD core workflows that require project-level standard operating procedures are:

  • Integration Services (Engineer, Furnish and Install (EF&I))
  • Operations and Maintenance (O&M)
  • Professional Services

TWD project managers and technicians are trained to follow the TWD IPQ process which includes specific activities and quality control checks. These checks ensure that customer requirements continue to be satisfied, and confirm that TWD deliveries are consistent with industry best practices and standards. The program manager and respective business unit vice president are responsible for making certain that all projects perform quality checks at the appropriate stages in the project life cycle.

To facilitate effective quality checks, TWD develops and maintains quality checklists from commercial sources such as industry association “best practices” and Original Equipment Manufacturer installation and operation manuals.

TWD’s IPQ responsibilities and actions are detailed in the following table. All task order subcontractors participate in TWD’s IPQ process. The TWD QC manager reviews subcontractors’ internal quality control procedures to verify that they are conforming to TWD’s high standards of quality assurance.

Responsible Individuals Integrated Project Quality Actions
Task Members
  • Participating in initial task planning ensures quality results
  • Adhering to the O&M task execution schedule
  • Participating in in-process quality reviews
  • Performing corrective actions or re-performance of work
Team Leaders
  • Performing in-process reviews
  • Reviewing/editing drafts and final O&M products/services to ensure proper style and accuracy
  • Approving deliverables/executing transmittal to DHS
  • Directing corrective actions or re-performance
Task Order Manager
  • Directing O&M task planning to ensure quality results
  • Performing in-process quality reviews, on a selected basis, in support of the EAGLE program manager
  • Holding weekly reviews of contract/task status and continuing to adhere to performance/quality assurance standards
  • Leading the quality control review process
  • Inspecting corrective actions or re-performances
Quality Control
  • Performing final quality check on the task order
  • Inspecting O&M work on a daily basis
  • Reporting to EAGLE program manager on quality issues
  • Performing quality audits of subcontractors’ quality program
  • Auditing reported corrective actions or re-performances
EAGLE Program Manager
  • Training junior staff on improving quality of deliverables
  • Consulting with DHS customer, as required, on O&M quality issues
  • Reporting to CEO and COR on quality issues

Organizational Quality Assurance Program

In addition to project-level quality reviews, TWD performs organizational process quality audits – managed as part of a formal organizational quality assurance program – pursuant to Quality Management Plans (QMPs) for each corporate capability or line of business.

The TWD Process Quality Assurance manager (PQAM) develops and maintains QMPs, — beginning with integration services (Engineer, Furnish, and Install). Following the policies established by the QMPs, the TWD PQAM plans and monitors audit activities performed by specially trained auditors, and also verifies that process non-compliances are identified, communicated, tracked, and resolved.