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Network & Systems Engineering

As your organization grows and user base expands, the technology and the systems that support your organization naturally become more complex. Today’s technological advances enable most networks and systems to run smoothly and relatively hassle-free, but few organizations can get by without performing regular monitoring and maintenance.

Both of these services are performed by our TWD network and systems engineering team as part of our IT Support Services offerings. And both are dedicated to the proactive management of the systems that support your organization.

Monitoring System Health

Operational monitoring provides the day-to-day technical supervision of your information and communication technology (ICT) infrastructure – both hardware and software – including routers, switches, firewalls, VPNs, and IPS. This activity is concerned with events generated – or recorded – by the infrastructure itself, and not solely with incidents reported by users.

The deep expertise of our skilled engineers and use of industry-leading system monitoring and management tools to monitor, identify, categorize, log, and mitigate system events, fosters a vital proactive approach that enables our team to identify potential issues and recurrent events before they lead to poor performance or unplanned downtime of your business-critical ICT systems.

When unforeseen errors do occur, TWD deploys tools to identify root causes and can dispatch resources to address issues and restore your network’s health as quickly as possible. Our engineers work alongside service desk  personnel to provide an effective “operations bridge” between your ICT infrastructure management and your users.

TWD monitors the characteristics and collects data within the following categories to provide an essential holistic view of the state of your system’s health, performance, and security:

  • System Health
  • Interface Health
  • Packet Transport Monitoring
  • Quality of Service/SLA Monitoring
  • System Performance Monitoring
  • Security and Compliance Monitoring

TWD monitoring services include planned technical and associated administrative actions, as well as reactive responses to alerts, faults, and configuration and performance statuses that are issued automatically by a variety of industry-leading network management tools. We utilize these tools to monitor the health and status of your systems, identify problems and their sources, and analyze and alert to conditions that may impact system performance.

Maintaining Systems

The information surfaced by our network monitoring tools help us to determine the kind of maintenance support that is needed for your specific systems. System maintenance applies to all types of systems and devices including servers, computers, laptops, tablets; and all categories of services including voice, video, data, print, remote-access, and security.

TWD managed maintenance services include three types of support:

  • Routine Maintenance – a primary focus on maintaining overall system health, integrity, and survivability
  • Preventive Maintenance (daily, weekly, monthly) – scheduled maintenance includes server reboots and system backups, software and firmware updates that follow product change notifications and other manufacturer maintenance requirements, and maintenance that ensures compliance with physical and system security
  • Demand Maintenance – unscheduled actions performed as a result of a system failure or degradation in performance; includes alarm monitoring, alarm response, escalation as appropriate until resolved

TWD managed maintenance support programs are full-service, cost-effective, and provide:

24/7 Help Desk Support
on-site (7am – 5pm, Monday through Friday) and on-call after-hours, our help desk roster receives trouble reports, conducts troubleshooting and resolution; and tracks tickets via Remedy system
Moves/Adds/Changes (MACs)
programming and software/hardware changes to add/remove users and complete other end-user requests
System Backups
daily configuration backups, historical backups, daily configuration change analysis, baseline configuration analysis, daily configuration security and policy analysis, and change approval auto-notification
Daily Security Incidents and Status Reports
weekly activity reports, monthly reports (e.g., hardware inventory, capacity, stations, network infrastructure), and quarterly hardware (e.g., spare circuit packs) manager reports
System Performance Monitoring
traffic analysis and studies, trunk group reports, and load balancing
Alarm Monitoring and Resolution
leading industry tools monitor all alarm events for all major or minor system issues, and automated alerts dispatch technicians to respond and resolve alarm conditions (including environmental)

Operating at the Speed of Business

TWD network monitoring and maintenance provide comprehensive and expert management of the many critical components of your network. Our proactive approach engages the latest tools to monitor system health and identify potential issues before they affect performance or uptime, and fuels a strategy for effective, on-going reliability and performance.

Learn how TWD can provide proactive monitoring and maintenance that will keep your technology, and your organization, running at the speed of business.