What We Do

Our digital transformations improve and future-enable your operations, user experience, and service delivery.


An evolving technology landscape offers significant opportunities. But it also can present barriers for organizations that may not have the necessary skills or IT infrastructure to support change.

With subject matter experts that possess a breadth of knowledge across a wide-range of solutions rather than depth in just a few, TWD is well-positioned to help organizations overcome the barriers and take advantage of the opportunities of the modern technology evolution.

We partner with organizations to align their business goals and user needs with current trends in technology. We position them to scale their technology and leverage future innovations. And we deliver a perfected user experience in a world that demands convenient, secure access and usability across multiple devices.

Tapping Into A Digital World

Whether we are helping customers modernize their existing IT applications, platforms, and systems or enabling and implementing the move to the cloud, TWD transforms our customers’ technology, systems, and processes to achieve a perfected user experience at a lower cost of ownership.

TWD accomplishes these transformations using Lean-Agile methodologies that minimize risk and disruption by delivering continuous, incremental improvement. We also guide system transformations for organizations working towards the adoption of an Agile culture.

Depending on goals and shifting requirements, work can be prioritized to sustain or accelerate the pace of delivery. Our use of DevSecOps supports the integration of applications, operations and security throughout the system that is built into the design, not “tacked on” at the end of the development phase.

Experience the Difference

If you are looking for a collaborative technology partner that can help you take advantage of today’s digital opportunities and address your challenges, TWD is it.Our cultural embrace of Systems Thinking optimizes communication and productivity, and speeds results throughout the value stream. As requirements change, TWD adapts, helping you respond quickly to unforeseen crisis and extreme challenges – as well as opportunities.