What We Do

Customized Solutions. From the Data Center to the Cloud.  Our communications and collaboration solutions work the way your users work – anytime, anywhere, on any device.


Your information technology challenges – and their solutions – can come in all sizes.

TWD addresses your technology-related challenges expertly and competently, regardless of the size of your project or your company.

Our customized systems and services enable more convenient, more reliable, and more cost-effective communications and collaboration. From the data center to the cloud, our solutions are built to work the way your users work – anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

Delivering Clear Value

The broad portfolio of distinctive TWD technology solutions delivers differentiated value in these specific areas:

These solutions represent our collective set of specialized knowledge and deep proficiency in today’s leading technologies, exclusive processes that assure quality and reliable results, and more than 25 years of successful applied work experience.

We operate in some of the fastest-growing and relevant technology trends, as defined by Gartner, including:

  • Computing Everywhere – Serves needs of the mobile user in diverse contexts and environments
  • The Internet of Things – Enables machine-to-machine connectivity
  • Cloud/Client Computing – Converges cloud and mobile computing to promote the growth of centrally coordinated apps that can be delivered to any device
  • Software-Defined Infrastructure – Agile programming of everything from apps to basic infrastructure

Our insight into these trends coupled with our extensive background in the design, implementation, and management of voice, video, and data technologies enables us to consider your challenges holistically for an innovative solution that delivers the specific functionality you need and that fits your environment and user requirements.

With a focus on improving both the user and IT experiences, TWD engineers and developers design and deliver systems that integrate multiple technologies behind a single, streamlined user interface, eliminating the need for specialized training on multiple disparate applications; and minimizing the reliance on IT support or experts to operate and maintain systems.

Once implemented, TWD trained and certified administrators, technicians, and trainers can provide ongoing management, maintenance, training, and support for your solution, enabling you to focus on your business rather than on the technology that supports it.

Experience the Difference

Depending on your specific needs, TWD offers services as a technology reseller, systems integrator or hosted service provider. Our roles – as well as our solutions – are as diverse as our customers that include executive-level, national security-focused agencies in highly secure environments, commercial companies across multiple industries, and non-profit organizations all with a variety of missions.

Our dedication to helping you address your IT challenges with innovative, effective communications and collaboration solutions, though, remains the consistent differentiator in all of our efforts.