Application Services

Innovation and agility ensure your application portfolio is secure and future-enabled.

Application Services

In today’s ever-changing world, government organizations need to respond rapidly to support the demands of their mission and their users. Many agencies, though, are stuck – limited by time-consuming updates, costly operations, and inefficiencies inherent in their decades-old legacy applications.

Aligned with the Modernizing Government Technology (MGT) Act, TWD application services are dedicated to getting you out of the IT legacy rut – mitigating operational and security risks, improving efficiencies, and decreasing operational costs through our Lean-Agile approach to application modernization.

Continuous Improvement

All TWD Application Services are managed through our dedicated TWD Agile Solutions Center (ASC) and include:

Our ASC subject matter experts (SMEs) are experienced in implementing state-of-the-art technical stacks with Agile-based incremental delivery and DevSecOps/DevOps methodologies. As a result, functionality, compliance, and business value can be realized quickly; and security is prioritized as an integrated component of application design, development, and maintenance.

Application Modernization
TWD helps government agencies make the move away from aging, vulnerable IT infrastructures. Our application modernization efforts are led by ASC SMEs who:

  • Evaluate your legacy applications, infrastructure, and technologies for modernization
  • Implement the shift from a costly, proprietary, COTS-based framework to a more flexible, wide adoption framework based on the open source platform
  • Utilize a microservices architecture to create a scalable, loosely coupled, and future-aligned application ecosystem

UI/UX User Centered Design
To be effective, technology needs to be designed to work the way your users do. TWD applies UI/UX best practices to our user-centric application design to create innovative solutions that address the whole experience, and deliver on modern expectations of convenience and use on any device.

Data Science and Analytics
TWD harnesses powerful data visualization, analytics, and big data processing technologies in our data science and analytics solutions, enabling your end users to unlock real business value from your raw data.


The resulting TWD-modernized application environment is built with the future in mind – with services that can be scaled or changed easily and rapidly based on an evolving security landscape, shifting federal compliance requirements and regulations, and the variable demands of your organization and users.

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