Application Services

User-centric applications that power business productivity and goals.

Application Services

The technology your business runs on enables user productivity through automation. Automating processes eliminates redundancies and workflow overhead, and enhances response times of all business activity with statistical and assigned accountability.

But all of the capabilities and functionality in the world won’t matter if your users don’t use it. In order to be effective, technology needs to be designed to work the way your users do.

TWD application services are focused on automation that enables people, encourages use, and supplements their capabilities. We develop software solutions that respond to how your users need to – and want to – communicate, collaborate, access content, or transact business.

The Human Factor

Technology applications traditionally are focused on the business outcome – automating processes, improving productivity, streamlining communications.

As the digital age evolves though, the integration of humans and technology is an increasingly important factor. Applications must be more focused on the user (employee or customer) – more engaging, more interactive, and enabling the user to collaborate and connect seamlessly, whether in the office or half-way around the world.

TWD takes a holistic approach with our application services. We consider all stakeholders, user behavior and needs, as well as the business processes that you’ve established. Rather than forcing people to adapt newer technologies for the sake of their newness, we tailor your application software functionality in a way that supports and complements your users’ capabilities.

Customization – and the expertise to go with it – are critical enabling components.

Whether your organization is small or large, your environment highly sensitive or mission-critical, TWD has the infrastructure, the skillsets and proven expertise, and adaptability to develop application solutions – across platforms and integrate availability on any device – to work the way your users work.

TWD application services – which include development and maintenance as well as training – offer a wide variety of customized application solutions such as communications, collaboration, and database management across multiple platforms, including:

  • Custom Applications Development
  • Web Application Design & Development Services
  • Mobile Application Development & Support
  • SharePoint Collaboration Solutions & Support
  • Applications Modernization
  • Web Content Management Systems Design & Implementation
  • Change Management & Training Services
  • Agile Coaching & Implementation
  • Cloud Application Services
  • Applications Re-engineering

Our High-Touch Approach

TWD uses Agile as the fundamental methodology of application development. Agile enables us to design and deliver business-aligned applications – with releases aligned to your needs and the changing priorities within your organization. TWD also is adept at different application development life cycle methodologies including spiral, prototyping, and waterfall.

Our proficient integration of technology and users enables the TWD application services team to deliver the most effective applications for your organization. We ensure that it is easy for your users to connect and collaborate to get things done, and accommodate user preference and functional requirements that span multiple channels, devices, and environments.