How We Help

Resources that Make Technology Work for You. TWD is a trusted IT partner, with resources, skills, and high-touch IT services that span the full IT technology life cycle.


You rely on your communications and collaboration technologies to support – and connect – your organization reliably and conveniently. But that doesn’t mean you have to take your eye off your business to make sure your technology is working for you.

TWD gives you the ability to leverage advanced communications and collaboration capabilities that allow your employees to be productive – whether they are in the office, at home, or in the field – using any device.

As a trusted IT partner, we also support those capabilities with resources, expertise, and high-touch/high-response services that span the full IT technology life cycle – from design and build through operations and maintenance.

Supporting the Life Cycle

Whether you need help in identifying your requirements, defining your communications and collaboration systems, purchasing the hardware and software, operating and maintaining your system, or need to augment your staff with our professional services – TWD delivers the breadth of specialized resources and support you need for all phases of your technology life cycle:

  • Design and Build Support – TWD designs and builds technology solutions that truly fit your needs – because they are based on your own unique business and user requirements. With their specialized knowledge across a range of capabilities, our experienced professionals provide expert design and build support for everything from simple installs to large technology projects that integrate specialized data, voice, video, and security technologies in complex multimedia solutions.
  • Operations and Maintenance Support – In an increasingly challenging economy, IT budgets continue to get squeezed, particularly for operations and maintenance. Yet, these functions are critical to the performance and availability of your systems – and to user productivity. Organizations are responding by upgrading their infrastructure to incorporate systems that are less labor-intensive, or by employing more efficient infrastructure and service delivery models. TWD provides comprehensive, skilled IT infrastructure support – delivered as outsourced and managed services and private or hybrid cloud implementations.

Service Delivery Models

TWD services are customizable to your specific needs, and are not “standardized” offerings that include features you don’t need or can’t use. Our offerings range from consultative support that enhances your organic, internal capabilities to full-spectrum, totally outsourced IT services with advanced voice, video, and data capabilities.

We understand that what works for one organization may not be the best option for another in terms of ownership. All TWD service delivery models are designed to maximize your system and business performance while providing important cost and resource efficiencies. You can access TWD services under four delivery categories:

  • Project-Based
  • Staff Augmentation
  • On-Premise Managed Service
  • Private or Hybrid Cloud-Based Managed Service

Service Delivery Categories

  • Full Ownership Your organization owns, operates, and maintains the solution in your own space
  • Managed Service Your organization may own the solution but outsources operations, maintenance and upgrades to TWD – or may outsource ownership as well
  • as a Service The entire solution is owned, operated, and maintained by TWD and is delivered from the cloud with scalable access to capabilities for a negotiated fixed price, a fixed hourly rate, or a subscription based on time elapsed or a defined unit price such as the number of devices supported

Your Services Partner

TWD experienced professionals deliver IT services that support your communications and collaboration technology needs for any – and all – phases of your system development life cycle. Our IT services conform to industry best practices in order to maximize your technology’s efficiencies and effectiveness, and to deliver best value and performance – from design and build through operation and maintenance.