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Asset & Image Management

Whether your organization is large or small, provisioning and managing hardware and software assets are time- and resource-intensive tasks. Today’s diverse IT environment adds complexity too, with infrastructures that extend from the data center to the cloud and across multiple devices.

Part of our broad set of IT Support Services capabilities, TWD’s image and asset management services free your IT staff from the burden of these vital yet demanding duties.

Provided as dedicated business functions, our offerings include an ITIL-compliant practice of image management for all of your endpoints, as well as software and hardware asset tracking and management.

Image Management

Assessing Your Needs Image development is not a “one-size-fits-all” strategy, since every organization has different user, access, and device requirements. As a result, TWD assesses and takes into consideration the requirements that are specific to your unique user environment – from the applications and systems your users need to licensing requirements to the constraints of native operating systems and more. The information gathered from this assessment drives the build, testing, and deployment of a custom image that reflects the unique needs of your organization.

The Process TWD uses Endpoint Image Standardization (Gold Image) with custom program-specific component add-on packs for deployment. These enable important customization while establishing a common-core foundation for your enterprise. We create each image version using image building tools such as Microsoft Deployment Tools (MDT), along with an MDT repository and image deployment process through SCCM. Our approach ensures that the latest correct image is used for each deployment/cycle. The following are included in TWD’s image management process:

  • Dedicated testing lab to certify various server, desktop, laptop, and mobile devices
  • Application integration testing
  • Release and patch testing
  • Documentation on each image and patch

Administration TWD provides for the installation, configuration, image management, and deployment of all hardware, platforms, servers, mobile devices, and workstations through automated no-touch or light-touch administration. We use the Active Directory group policy for endpoint security and least privilege, and perform corrective actions proactively for all deviations from the configuration baseline.

Ensuring Consistency To standardize your computing enterprise and change management processes – and minimize any impact on the business – our specialized team researches, tests, and authorizes every configuration change to the baseline image. Current images are updated with every major configuration change to be inclusive of your current security policies and compliance posture. We also maintain and certify the patches, updates, applications, and software for all endpoint types including mobile.

Asset Management

Increasing Utilization The TWD approach to asset management creates value by increasing the utility of your hardware and software assets. Our efficient management processes complement deployment strategies, and ensure that the correct departments and users have the resources they need without under-utilization.

Tracking Capabilities Our asset management team incorporates a variety of processes and ITIL-certified tools to track assets throughout their life cycle, including Remedy for asset use, and SCCM and IBM Big Fix for installations. Tracking can be as granular as you need, and can include everything from desktops, servers, laptops, mobile devices, printers, and monitors to software applications and systems to licenses. A variety of tracking mechanisms – including tagging physical assets and RFID tags for automation – are used to track physical assets.

Optimizing Assets TWD optimizes business assets through effective, timely maintenance and life cycle planning. Our team works with each of your departments to plan refresh cycles and minimize business disruption. Particularly for large groups of users, we stagger refreshes in order to reduce downtime and to distribute expenditures of budgeted funds over time (versus all at once).

Reporting, Analysis, and Planning We strive to help your management make the most productive use of your current assets, eliminate unnecessary expenses and waste, and plan what assets and investments will be needed to sustain your organization’s mission. Our team utilizes the metrics and data provided by the tools to assess current asset usage and predict future demand, and works with your internal IT and business stakeholders to support strategic decision-making within the IT environment and assist with asset provisioning, redeployment, and retiring assets at end of life.

Keeping It Consistent

TWD builds, tests, deploys, and maintains custom images that ensure the consistency of your computing environments – across users and across devices. These images enable more efficient provisioning and standardize the update/change process. Our asset tracking and monitoring capabilities complement deployment, and provide important management and planning of assets over the life cycle.

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