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Mobility Solutions

Mobility in communications has become an essential way of life. Several different types of wireless technologies enable these communications for users in corporate offices, on campuses, in the streets around town, and in rugged rural terrain.

TWD couples our extensive experience and expertise in designing and implementing innovative wireless solutions with the latest technologies and practices to support mobile communications in a variety of settings.

Wireless Services (WiFi)

Companies increasingly are turning to their IT departments to provide greater flexibility and to support a more robust mobile environment within their environments particularly as the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend becomes more prevalent.

WiFi is the leading technology to meet these emerging demands and is used increasingly to deliver business information to employees and for sharing data among colleagues and associates. Mobile users, in fact, are more likely to use WiFi than the physical Local Area Network (LAN).

As a result of the increased usage and number of mobile devices, which now averages more than two devices per employee, traditional WiFi has become more difficult for corporations to manage. Frustrations stem from:

  • An inefficient infrastructure that routes traffic unnecessarily from Wireless Access Points (WAPs) to the controller point
  • The lack of efficient central management of a WiFi solution that crosses multiple sites or buildings that are part of the same infrastructure
  • Inability to deliver a secure wireless environment with easy-to-set-up policies that meets the requirements of all users

TWD has been building networks for 20 years for the US Federal Government and embraces the use of the newer, distributed WiFi model – often referred to as Wireless 2.0 – that increases the operational productivity, speed to deploy, and productivity over centralized WiFi configurations. Characteristics of this model include:

  • Eliminates wasteful, redundant software, hardware, and operations from branch and remote locations
  • Centralized, simplified operations pushes policies and permissions to all WAPs throughout the enterprise/sites
  • LDAP- and Active Directory-based permissions structure provides an already available authentication and authorization resource
  • Metered and timed access allows users, such as a visitor, to be given access for a limited period of time
  • Firewalls are pushed to the WAPs to deliver individually shaped access on a per user or group basis
  • Future-proofing allows newer WAPs to be deployed without the need to upgrade the controller – older WAPs can talk to the newer ones to pass traffic between them
  • Offers same resiliency and scalability as other WiFi methods
  • Virtualized platform management is powerful, easy-to-use, and available in a variety of delivery modes and cost models, including cloud-based
  • Delivers higher ROI than other WiFi methods

TWD offers the following services to assist you in the development of wireless 2.0 technologies for your organization:

  • Analyze and document your current Wi-Fi environment including:
    • Current heat mapping, operation efficiency analysis, speed analysis, and security
  • Design and engineer the new WiFi 2.0 services for your network
  • Deployment services that include building out cabling and WiFi infrastructures
  • Managed WiFi services including our 24×7 help desk, monitoring, and management of your WiFi infrastructure

Land Mobile Radio (LMR)

Public safety organizations such as first responders, government security organizations, and other networks that use a dispatch system utilize private, controlled networks.

TWD has more than ten years of experience providing frequency/spectrum management and communications planning, analysis, design, development, and maintenance for both analog and digital LMR systems and for multichannel satellite communications systems.

We provide the integration, installation, and maintenance of the following systems:

  • Various LMR systems (small portable and vehicular-based)
  • Siren systems
  • Light systems
  • Other specialized mobile radio equipment in limousines, armored vehicles, and other special-purpose applications

TWD technicians have performed more than 100 vehicle install/de-installs annually while responding to more than 1,200 trouble tickets to perform break-fix actions. Our radio technicians provided support to more than 150 locations nationwide and their associated antenna sites, and were responsible for tracking and maintaining accountability of installed communications equipment.

Mobile Cellular Networks

TWD partners with Lemko Corporation to create an on-the-move (OTM) mobile cellular network. The platform reduces latencies and drives down operation and management costs by integrating radio frequency (RF) neutral technologies. The platform also can be integrated with satellite communications (SATCOM) allowing it to operate across all standard SATCOM frequencies. The platform is ideal for emergency response efforts, challenged environments, and remote locations around the world.

Lemko’s SwarmNet™ technology provides a self-organizing and self-healing OTM mobile broadband cellular network that is highly effective in austere and RF-challenged environments. This solution, a software-defined network, virtualizes the core and replaces traditional hub-and-spoke architecture with an all IP-based architecture that eliminates backhaul. Additionally, the solution easily integrates with Push-to-Talk networks such as Project 25 (P25) or Terrestrial Trunked Radio (TETRA) and it supports all commercial cellular frequencies and end-to-end security.

The TWD partnership with Lemko allows us to provide you with a Tier 1 Commercial Grade Cellular capability in fixed, mobile, aerial, and man-portable (e.g., backpack) platforms.

Your Partner for Mobile Communications

With our decades of focus on communications technologies, TWD is well-positioned to address your mobile communications requirements. You can rely on TWD to deliver the latest technologies and innovative solutions you need to support effective mobile communications in your specialized environment.