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Cloud Advisory Services

The increasing viability of cloud-based services; growth in the number of as-a-Service offerings; and cloud benefits such as fixed pricing and scalability are challenging the traditional data center model.

Despite the advantages, the choice to move to the cloud – and migration itself – can be daunting challenges for IT. If you are considering as-a-Service offerings for your organization, TWD cloud advisory services can help.

A certified Microsoft Gold and Azure partner, TWD is well-qualified to assist you through the critical steps to determine your cloud readiness, identify which applications and services to shift to the cloud, and deliver those systems to the cloud affordably and successfully.

Taking IT to a Higher Level

While the sky may be the limit in terms of choice of as-a-service offerings, TWD keeps you grounded in determining which ones best serve your organization’s specific IT and business objectives.

TWD has years of proven experience helping both government and private organizations shift their applications and infrastructures to the cloud – and we can do the same for you.

Assessment TWD cloud advisory services begin with our thorough assessment of your existing infrastructure to establish your cloud readiness. The process includes meetings with your team and key stakeholders to identify the scope and direction of your cloud adoption and to develop a cloud strategy.

Our assessment includes an inventory and evaluation of your IT environment, including:

  • Applications you currently are running on your network
  • The level of their importance to your company
  • Which applications can be available offsite
  • The Quality of Service (QoS) requirement for these applications

We examine your new and/or existing workloads, determine operating systems and their ability to deploy to the cloud, as well as define any security and compliance requirements. And, we help you identify those elements of your environment best suited for converting to a cloud-based service.

Post-assessment, a formal document contains our full analysis of your organization’s IT environment and business objectives in terms of cloud readiness, along with our recommendations for which applications and services should be positioned in the cloud – based on your budget and goals. As part of this deliverable, TWD meets with you to discuss our assessment, and to present options for the design of your cloud applications.

Design Following our assessment of your cloud readiness, TWD works closely with your IT team to design an architecture that fits your cloud strategy requirements and that outlines specific details, including:

  • Level of Redundancy
  • Backup/Recovery Options
  • Connectivity
  • Security Features
  • Management/Monitoring Requirements
  • Budget Impact (TCO)

Once completed, our design is delivered and presented to you in a document that outlines the proposed architecture and includes a project plan and rollout schedule for your company’s new cloud-based services. We also define an operational framework that includes personnel requirements and an IT help desk workflow. As part of our design deliverable, TWD meets with you to discuss the design, costs, and schedule for a cloud delivery plan suited to your needs.

Your Guide to the Cloud

TWD cloud advisory services guide you every step of the way in your move to the cloud, and ensure that your cloud strategy maximizes the benefits of the cloud and minimizes the risks.

Why wait? It’s time to consider how the cloud can help your business stay competitive – and be more responsive to change.