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DHS Eagle Task Orders

DHS Component Organization Task Order
Description Functional
Office of Chief Information Officer
HSHQDC-07-J-00361 Operations, Maintenance, and Spare Parts for NAC
PBX for FY07
FC2 1/31/2007
United States Coast Guard TISCOM HSCG79-07-J-TP3234 FY07 Microsoft Premier Support Services FC2 8/6/2007
Office of Operations Coordination (OPS) HSHQDC-07-J-00760 Mission Systems & Continuity of Operations Support  (MS/COOP) FC2 9/29/2007
United States Citizenship and
Immigration Services (USCIS)
HSHQDC-08-J-00018 O&M FOR Command Center FC2 11/17/2007
Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) 20250 DHS FEMA NETC FC2 1/29/2008
Office of Operations Coordination (OPS) HSHQDC-08-J-00101 Briefing Display System Maintenance (BDS) FC2 5/28/2008
Office of Operations Coordination (OPS) HSHQDC-08-J-00129 Mission Systems & Continuity of Operations Support
FC2 6/6/2008
Federal Emergency Management Agency
HSFE06-08-P-0005 FEMA NOMAD FC2 7/1/2008
National Protection Programs Directorate (NPPD) HSHQDC-08-J-00205 CWIN Operations Support Services FC2 8/26/2008
National Protection Programs Directorate (NPPD) HSHQDC-08-J-00375 ITOSS FC2 9/30/2008
United States Secret Service HSSS01-09-J-066 Telecom Support FC2 3/31/2009
Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) HSFEMW-09-J-0462 Mt. Weather Operators FC2 8/27/2009
Office of Intelligence and Analysis HSHQDC-09-J-00473 Cable Riser Installation FC2 9/25/2009
United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) HSSCCG-10-J-00135 Telecommunications and Infrastructure
Provisioning Support
FC2 5/28/2010
Office of Operations Coordination (OPS) HSHQDC-10-J-00257 Communication Controller Support FC2 6/28/2010
Domestic Nuclear Detection Organization (DNDO) HSHQDC-10-J-00301 DNDO VTC Replacement FC2 6/29/2010
U.S. Secret Service HSSS02-10-P-0381 WHIN Lighting System FC2 9/30/2010
Science & Technology HSHQDC-11-J-0202 OCIO Program Support Services FC2 6/28/2011
Domestic Nuclear Detection Organization (DNDO) HSHQDC-12-J-00175 JAC Technology Support FC2 6/21/2012
Domestic Nuclear Detection Organization (DNDO) HSHQDC-13-J-00355 JAC Technology Support FC2 9/2/2013

TWD Task Orders Awarded under EAGLE

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