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Command and Control Centers

A Command and Control Center, also known as an Operations Center, shares many of the same characteristics as a multimedia enhanced room with respect to the infrastructure and systems required to support operations – but there are some important differences in function, systems, and layout.

TWD can help you create a secure environment that functions effectively as your dispatch, monitoring, and coordination center for your sensitive and/or critical operations – with links to vital Telepresence and control systems that provide seamless communications and operational support.

A Central Source for Centralizing Your Operations

TWD is your single source for your Command and Control Center needs. Our team of certified experts maintains personal government security clearances, and can designimplement, and maintain a solution that fits your specific requirements.

Our engineering, technical, and project management staff works with you to gain a thorough understanding of how you will be using the facility, and can guide you in the details and design of your center’s work environment to integrate important aesthetic elements such as custom consoles, furniture, and lighting; as well as critical operational components and enhancements such as video monitors or video walls and secure and non-secure VTC systems.

While a Command and Control Center does share many of the elements of a multimedia enhanced room, TWD takes into consideration the important differences in function, systems, layout, and furniture which lead to different room designs and system integrations. A comparison of the two facility types follows:

Command and Control Center Multimedia Enhanced Room

Typically supports 24x7 operations

Typically used on a scheduled or ad-hoc basis

Users are operators who work in the center

Users have work stations outside of the room, and use the room for special purposes

Systems must be oriented for use by the operators with a focus on intuitive, simple-to-use control systems

Systems typically are operated by trained facilitators rather than staff members who only occasionally have need to use the room’s systems

Furniture is tailored for operator work stations. Limited group seating is integrated into the room/furniture design for Command Staff or visiting VIPs.

Furniture is oriented for group seating for meetings and conferences, with large conference tables and chairs

Typically a multi-classification level environment

Can be a multi-classification level environment but more typically is one classification level

Systems may be integrated into several operational/tactical networks

Various networks may be accessed but access is usually through a Web interface rather than a direct network user connection

Data inputs, integration, and display are oriented towards achieving situational awareness

Data inputs, integration, and display are oriented towards collaboration and presentation of data

A Commanding Presence

Over the years, TWD has gained a solid reputation for designing, building, operating, and maintaining effective, efficient, multi-level secure Command and Control Centers for our government customers, including DHS for the initial build-out of its Nebraska Avenue Complex. We also provide highly qualified resources, such as communication watch officers and support staff that operate in national-level Operations Centers.

TWD maintains key vendor and manufacturer relationships in order to offer you the best value for industry-leading equipment and system components. Our trained staff is focused on your needs, and maintains InfoComm Certified Technology Specialist certification to ensure that your project is designed, installed, and maintained based on industry standards and best practices, and meets your specific requirements for size, functionality, and purpose.