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Digital Media Systems: Design and Build Support

The best design for your enterprise information technology or service delivery system begins with you. Your system requirements are determined by your specific business objectives, processes, user types and patterns – even your budget. Once built, your system’s effectiveness is evaluated based on how it meets those requirements.

TWD designs and builds networked systems that truly fit your needs – because they are based on your own unique business and user requirements. With their specialized knowledge across a range of capabilities, our experienced professionals can provide expert design and build support for everything from simple installs – to large technology projects that integrate data, voice, and video technologies in complex multimedia solutions.

Delivering Quality Solutions that Fit Your Business

TWD has top-level standards for managing the design and build support for your technology projects – regardless of project size. Particularly for more complex projects such as digital media systems, these standards help ensure that your system is designed and delivered according to your requirements, budget, and timeline:

  • Project requirements are understood, documented, managed, and communicated to all relevant stakeholders
  • A project plan clearly articulates the tasks, activities, schedule, timelines, budget, resources, and expectations of all of project stakeholders
  • The project plan is reviewed by all appropriate parties and approved by the TWD project manager
  • The project manager plans and monitors project activities, which include configuration management, quality assurance, and all related items that impact the success of the project
  • The project manager tracks the status and progress of the project against the plan and reports appropriate metrics to TWD and to you


TWD manages the quality of your solution’s design and build with an Integrated Project Quality (IPQ) process that incorporates quality practices into the full project lifecycle. All TWD projects are designed and built in accordance with industry-recognized quality processes such as CMMI at the Level 2 Maturity Level – and further augmented by our professionals whose certification in a broad set of technologies and capabilities ensures that your system performs as intended and delivers the best value. TWD project managers and technicians are trained to follow our quality processes, which include specific activities and quality control checks to make certain that your requirements are satisfied and that the resulting TWD solutions are consistent with industry best practices and standards.

Design Support

TWD captures your specific business and user requirements in a Requirements Traceability Matrix (RTM) that allows us to track each requirement against each planned activity and proposed delivery. The RTM helps us ensure that we fully meet – and deliver on – each and every one of your requirements. The RTM becomes the basis of the engineering design for your project, which is developed in a formal document that includes:

  • a description of the functional capability required to meet each requirement
  • a list of the system components (hardware and software) and miscellaneous materials that will be required to support the design
  • any drawings necessary to demonstrate the concept
  • a description of potential risks to successful delivery of the project and the plan for mitigating or eliminating those identified risks

The RTM and engineering design document are combined with a project schedule and communications plan to form the essential elements of a project plan. The TWD project manager tailors our corporate configuration management (CM) plan to the specifics of your project by identifying the project configuration items (CIs). The project manager is responsible for executing the project in accordance with the project and CM plans.

Build Support

The process to build your system begins once you approve the design document, and is initiated by the purchase of all the approved hardware, software, and other materials. Once components are received, TWD assembles your system, typically in our Engineering and Technology Center in Alexandria, Virginia.

Your assembled system is transferred to your location for integration into your facility or network. The TWD team uses installation and integration checklists – developed in accordance with the project plan for each project – to deliver “zero defect” solutions. TWD employs a continuous monitoring and control process to carry out your project in accordance with the approved project plan. Activities within these processes include:

  • monitoring the project to ensure it is on track to meet the approved requirements – at or above – the defined quality standards and corporate objectives for technical, schedule, and cost performance
  • controlling the project’s activities to ensure that only those activities that are needed for project completion are performed
  • implementing change-control measures to make certain only approved major changes to the delivered system are implemented, and minor changes are documented properly for the CIs

Upon completion of your project installation and integration, TWD provides you with a complete list of equipment that was installed, along with data sheets, warranty information, serial/part numbers, equipment locations, and asset labels. If required by the contract, TWD also provides training to your personnel on operating and performing operator-level maintenance of delivered systems. Training ensures that your system will operate without errors resulting from improper use or maintenance of the equipment or software, as well as instructs your appropriate personnel on troubleshooting problems and resolving normal operating errors.

Your Top-Notch Resource

TWD is proud of our 20+-year record of providing high-quality design and build support for projects of all sizes and complexity. Our seasoned professionals can translate your business and user requirements into effective, innovative technology solutions that fit your business – including digital media systems that integrate voice, video, and data capabilities.

Our proven track record is built across a large customer base that includes NAVSEA and other defense agencies, DHS Headquarters and many other DHS components, NIH and other components of HHS, Department of Agriculture, Department of Commerce, Department of Justice, and the highest levels of the executive branch of government.