TWD Services

IT Technical Services: Networked Systems

Today’s technology automates more business processes, improves the productivity of more users, and supports more business operations than ever before. But technology – from the data center to remote environments – has become quite complex.

TWD provides comprehensive IT technical services and networked systems support for your business-critical technology environments. Our skilled team of professionals applies industry-recognized best practices – including the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) framework, PMI, Lean/Six Sigma, and COBIT – to drive efficiencies and to ensure that your IT operations, infrastructure, and assets are optimized for performance and reliability.

Delivering Superior Services

TWD provides a wide range of IT services and networked systems support including:

We utilize the ITIL framework to manage the lifecycle of your IT service, beginning with the development of a service strategy that meets your requirements and that is consistent with the support services across our contract portfolio. Our team facilitates the service design – in accordance with contract requirements – through the transition of the service into your production environment. The team establishes a service desk, which ultimately is responsible for ensuring that the day-to-day delivery of our IT services is consistent with your overall business strategy.

Throughout the process, TWD works with you and your stakeholders and uses the tenants of ITIL’s service operation lifecycle to identify and define the critical success factors and key performance indicators associated with each of our IT services.

Following is a summary of the functions and processes commonly used by TWD to deliver our IT services:


  • TWD’s Service Desk –  The central point of communication for your users, the service desk handles request, incident/event management, user access, and problem management.
  • TWD’s Technical Management Team  –  Provides the detailed technical skills and resources required for the operation and delivery of our IT services.


  • Event Management – TWD is engaged actively in system monitoring to ensure the detection of events and anomalies that have the potential to impact the delivery of services. Our team categorizes system events into groups based on the potential severity of loss. The team then works to mitigate the disruption in a manner geared towards restoring service as soon as possible.
  • Incident Management – TWD identifies events that indicate a disruption to an IT service in accordance with our incident response model. Incident identification, logging, categorization, and resolution are conducted based on predefined SLAs that are communicated to all users.
  • Problem Management – The TWD team is responsible for managing the lifecycle of problems (both reactive and proactive) from identification to resolution. The primary objective is to identify and understand the underlying cause of a recurrent issue and to work to prevent it from recurring.
  • Access Management – The TWD team is responsible for granting authorized users access to the service, and preventing access to non-authorized users.

Driving Success

Our highly skilled professionals, use of industry-recognized best practices, and ITIL-endorsed software tools enable TWD to provide you with superior IT services and networked systems support – and drive continuous process improvements so that your technology systems meet and exceed your contract-specified service level agreements (SLAs).

TWD Utilizes ITIL-Endorsed Software Tools:

Tool Service/Functionality
BMC Remedy Change Management
CA Service Desk Manager Incident, Problem, Change, Request, and Configuration Management
HP Service Manager 9.2 Request Fulfillment, Service Catalog Management, Service Level Management, Knowledge Management, Service Portfolio Management
Tivoli Service Request Manager Incident Management, Problem Management, Request Fulfillment