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Logistics is a broad area of operations that deals with the procurement, distribution, maintenance, and replacement of material. In the business environment, TWD provides specialized logistics operations for the various technologies that you need for your business environment, ensuring that they meet your requirements for form, fit, and function – and, that they are managed and maintained properly throughout their lifecycle, from delivery through disposal. Our expertise and skills in provisioning, service order processing, asset and inventory management, and billing reconciliation ensure that you and your users get the best fit with respect to device, service, and configuration for your IT hardware and software supplies.

Adding Value, Reducing Costs

TWD logistics operations assist you with the complexities and details of managing the technology that your business relies on, from acquisition and procurement to user and maintenance support to disposal:


TWD’s provisioning expertise helps you prepare and equip your business with technologies that fit your business and user needs with respect to device, service, and configuration based on your guidelines and or contract. TWD provides provisioning services for several federal agencies – including DHS, NAVSEA and other executive-level agencies – for smartphones, tablets, netbooks, PCs, and other IT hardware and software goods.

Service Order Processing

Your business – and productivity – rely on your technology. From regular maintenance to issue resolution, TWD provides “cradle-to-grave” support for your IT hardware and software. Whether it’s routine maintenance or an unplanned issue, you need fast resolution. TWD processes your requests for service quickly, schedules service calls, assigns the work, tracks work status, and ensures that work gets billed in a manner that is timely and accurate.

TWD technicians initiate service orders based on a variety of input, including automatic notification prompted by a system error, or, by one of your users via a tool such as Remedy or SysAid, email, telephone call, or an in-person meeting. Once the service order is created, TWD personnel utilize systems to manage and track the service order through to final resolution. Our service order process systems ensure that orders are being processed within any Service Level Agreement (SLA) and have proper quality control. In the event that service order processing hits a roadblock, TWD has a set of acceptable escalations to ensure that the order is processed in a timely manner.

Asset Management

Your technology assets include all elements of software and hardware that are deployed in your business environment. The management of those assets is the set of business practices that joins financial, contractual, and inventory functions to support lifecycle management and strategic decision-making for both your IT and telecommunications environments. TWD personnel are proficient in hardware asset management -- managing the physical components of your computers and IT computer networks, and PBXs, circuits, and telecommunications servers. Our software asset management skills include managing licenses, software versions, and installed endpoints.

More than just tagging all assets and inventorying them periodically, asset management can be as simple as keeping track of a single cell phone, to more complex situations such as when millions of dollars of mobile assets are deployed into the field during a natural disaster such as a hurricane, flood, earthquake, or forest fire. The process of tracking what was deployed, what has been returned, what is in the field, and what has been lost or damaged and should be disposed of is detailed and complicated. Additional aspects, such as the deployment, tracking, and disposal of secure devices, require the implementation of specific procedures and increase complexity. TWD personnel are experienced in the use of multiple software applications that are dedicated to the process of tagging and tracking assets, including IBM’s Tivoli/Maximo, Altiris, SunSet, and SysAid.

Inventory Management

TWD’s inventory management process ensures that your goods and services are available, arrive as needed to the correct location, and provides associated/appropriate financial information including a re-order point for optimal cost control. In certain government cases, TWD inventory management specialists also include documentation to track and verify the “Chain of Custody” of the item(s). TWD utilizes software applications that assist in inventory management including SAP and NetSuite.

Billing Reconciliation

For more than 20 years, TWD has ensured that our federal clients are not overpaying for products and services by putting all invoices through a billing reconciliation process. Our billing personnel have a range of experience from one-to-one billing (one charge, one contract) to complex situations with thousands of charges on an individual bill under multiple contracts. Our billing reconciliation process includes reviewing and reconciling charges and identifying and managing the correction of incorrect charges. For government agencies, reconciliation may include charge-back and/or cost-allocation requirements where charges that are incurred by an individual are charged back to a specific department, budget, or funding source.

Your Logistics Resource

TWD has provided logistical support for our customers throughout our long history, and can apply our extensive knowledge and skills in all aspects of logistics operations to your specific project needs. Examples of our experience in logistics operations include:

SUPPORT TYPE: Provisioning
  • TWD provided communications circuit provisioning for the Department of State for establishment of State Department facilities and embassies overseas.
  • TWD provides long-haul circuit provisioning for the Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA), as well as provisioning for wireless devices (smartphones, tablets, netbooks, and PCs) for both NAVSEA and DHS.