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Communications Cabling

Communications cabling – also referred to as structured cabling – is the backbone of your IT infrastructure. This essential component of your organization’s networked systems supports the movement of data, voice and video and keeps your business connected.

Whether you are implementing key elements of a larger information transport system such as vertical and horizontal wiring and closet and station equipment – or the most advanced, next-generation unified communications  solution, TWD IT infrastructure services can help.

TWD has more than 25 years of broad experience with cabling for voice, data, and video mediums. Our IT infrastructure services for cabling design, engineering, installation, maintenance, and diagnostics enable us to deliver on the full scope of your requirements for communications cabling for both classified and unclassified transmissions. The results are seamless, consistent business-critical voice, video, and data connections – with high-capacity bandwidth that you can grow into.

Forging Reliable Communication Paths

With so many variables – technology, users, devices, location, bandwidth, speed, compliance – effective communications cabling is not a “one-size” solution. You can rely on the expertise of our trained and certified TWD engineers and technicians for a solidly planned and right-sized cabling system that fits and supports your unique environment and communications requirements – helping you stay connected and competitive.

Our end-to-end TWD IT infrastructure services address the full range of your communications cabling and information transport system needs:

Design and Engineering

Your business-critical connections begin with solid design and efficient architecture that will support your communications today – and tomorrow. TWD expert cabling design and engineering takes into account:

  • Video conferencing and A/V equipment
  • Desktops, smartphones, and other IP devices
  • Wireless and fixed endpoints
  • Security
  • Built-in high-capacity for scalable bandwidth and speed
  • Planned integration of emerging technologies


Our adherence to cabling installation best practices ensures compatibility and optimizes the performance of your communications cabling infrastructure. We provide design and engineering drawings and “as-built” documentation in a variety of formats with detailed closet elevations and cable test reports – as well as employ standard labeling techniques to speed identification during maintenance and troubleshooting.

Maintenance and Diagnostics

Proper and timely system maintenance and diagnostics also are critical factors to keeping your business connected and secure. Proactive upgrades, patches, and hardware maintenance can optimize performance and availability, address vulnerabilities, as well as extend the useful life of your cabling systems.

The TWD Team

  • Certified with industry-recognized BICSI* RCDD certifications
  • Certified on the latest products and solutions from leading manufacturers
  • Trained on industry standards issued by BICSI*
  • Equipped with the latest installation and testing tools

* Building Industry Consulting Services International

Building on a Solid Framework

TWD communications cabling solutions range in scope and complexity to support the communications needs of customers across a variety of industries. These include:

All of our cabling solutions have the backing of our TWD experts and experience for business connections that you can rely on.

TWD IT Infrastructure Services: Communications Cabling

  • Server/IT Room Build-Outs
    • Equipment racks
    • Equipment Cabinets
    • Cable Ladder/Baskets
    • Wire Management Systems
    • Low Profile Raised Floors
  • Vertical Risers (ISP)
    • Floor-to-Floor Tie Cables
    • Telco DEMARC Extensions
  • Cable Placement (OSP)
    • Outside Plant Conduit
    • Manholes
  • Horizontal Cabling (ISP)
    • Cat5e & Cat6 UTP Cabling
    • Fiber Optics to the Desk
    • Coax
    • Protective Distribution (PDS)
  • Wireless Equipment
    • Mounting of Access Points
    • Mounting of Outdoor Systems