Collaboration & Cloud Solutions

Scalable access to leading technologies that connect users anywhere.

Hosted Collaboration

Today’s workforce is mobile and distributed, but that doesn’t have to mean disconnected.

TWD hosted collaboration solutions work the way your users work, keeping them connected and engaged wherever they are – and on the devices that they prefer.

Cloud-based TWD offerings are a viable alternative to our on-premise unified communications and video conferencing solutions. They supply the same important benefits, such as consolidating multiple vendors and a complex assortment of isolated technologies onto one platform and behind a single interface to deliver a seamless, convenient user interface.

But they also take unified communications and conferencing to another level, providing advanced solutions with the latest technologies – as well as ongoing management – in a convenient, worry-free, subscription-based “as-a-service” delivery model that is can be accessed from any location and device.

Connecting Your Workers – Anytime, Anywhere

TWD hosted collaboration solutions include Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) and Video Conferencing as a Service (VCaaS).

In the cloud-based delivery model, TWD assumes full responsibility for acquiring, housing, implementing, and managing the latest industry-leading hardware and software that support our as-a-service solutions. This approach results in significant benefits for companies that don’t have the resources or budget to implement and maintain complex on-premise solutions, or for companies that want to assess the value of these technologies in their environment.

Already in place and running in the cloud, our services allow you to tap into UC and telepresence capabilities fast – without long project lead times and expense, and offering vital scalability that responds easily and quickly to your changing business needs.

Our hosted collaboration solutions bring the full-suite of UC capabilities and telepresence-quality video conferencing to the desktop and mobile user – and offer these important benefits:


  • Eliminates the capital investment and resource requirements of an on-premise solution
  • The pay-as-you-go subscription model is predictable and flexible, with no ongoing warranty or licensing costs
  • Delivers the latest technologies and functionality at a fraction of the cost of traditional UC hardware solutions

No Management

  • Removes the responsibilities of technology management from your organization
  • Adheres to market-based performance SLAs to ensure optimal operation, bandwidth, and reliable availability
  • Integrates with your existing IT infrastructure
  • Scales easily with services and capabilities to accommodate growth in your business and user base, and/or shifting communications demands

Easy to Use

  • Can be accessed by authorized users anywhere, by any device with a web browser
  • Improves communication, enhances collaboration, increases productivity, and simplifies operations – from any location
  • Training helps your teams maximize their productivity and collaboration by understanding and using the system’s capabilities efficiently
  • With TWD hosted collaboration solutions, you get convenience, ease of use, collaboration, and productivity. TWD does the rest.
Unified Communications as a Service – UCaaS

The TWD UCaaS solution is the simplest delivery model available for UC. It enables you to:

  • Take advantage of UC features and benefits quickly, and with less cost and risk of an on-premise UC implementation
  • Assess the value of UC for your organization with our flexible solution that connects your workers with a broad selection of capabilities that align with your specific needs – delivered on a monthly, fixed cost subscription basis with no term commitment
  • Keep your organization connected by extending leading-edge voice, video, data, and telepresence technologies to your distributed teams and teleworkers

TWD UCaaS services are built around Microsoft Skype for Business (formerly Lync), an enterprise-ready unified communications and collaboration platform with existing capabilities that are integrated with the Microsoft Office suite and that include scheduling meetings, starting meetings from Word and PowerPoint to present what you’re working on, and strong authentication and encryption to protect your communications. TWD has custom-engineered our solution to extend Skype for Business’ out-of-the-box telephony component to enable you to communicate with any user – not just other Microsoft Office 365 users.

In addition, the TWD solution offers VoIP telephony integration – over and above Skype for Business’ standard collaboration services – for a far greater value proposition for your business. This tailored integration allows users to follow their contacts’ availability; send an IM, start or join an audio, video, or web conference; or make a phone call – all through a consistent and familiar Microsoft Skype for Business interface.

The TWD UCaaS solution eliminates the capital expenses of traditional PBX systems, the related operational expenses for maintenance, as well as the additional costs associated with desktop applications. No investment in additional Office 365 licenses is required, since each account already has the built-in licensing to integrate VoIP telephony into a Skype for Business environment.

TWD UCaaS services include:

  • Domestic and international calling
  • Skype for Business desktop and mobile phone support
  • Skype for Business VoIP connectivity support
  • Integrated voicemail through Microsoft Exchange (on-premise or cloud-based Office 365)

TWD will work with you to customize the services and fixed-cost pricing of the TWD UCaaS solution to fit your specific business and user requirements.

Video Conferencing as a Service – VCaaS

TWD hosts the Vidyo system, a comprehensive and robust conferencing solution used by both public and private sector organizations that offers a streamlined, collaborative environment for your staff. Within minutes of downloading the web-based application, users have real-time access using a full set of telepresence-quality conferencing capabilities – from their desktop or mobile device.

The Vidyo-based TWD VCaaS solution will transform how your distributed and remote access teams communicate and collaborate. Provided as a managed service TWD VCasS delivers these additional benefits:

  • Integrates with other UC applications such as Microsoft Skype for Business
  • Includes native Windows, Mac, and Web clients
  • Interoperable with all existing VTC equipment endpoints including Polycom, Cisco, and Lifesize video conferencing systems and PSTN dial-in access
  • Enables effortless virtual communications regardless of participant, moderator, or attendee location
  • Capacity to host multiple simultaneous high-definition (HD) recordings and thousands of hours of content
  • Eliminates the need for lengthy assessment since the as-a-service model is a standalone solution that does not integrate with or impact your existing infrastructure, network security, or operating policies

Our multiple TWD subscription options offer you the opportunity to select the services that fit your specific business needs. You can start small, and as your business and workforce change, it’s easy to scale up your capabilities and services:

Named User Subscription

  • Just need the basics? Our Named User subscription provides basic services to support collaboration (including voice, video, mobile, unified messaging, presence, chat, desktop and file sharing and more) for each subscriber and up to 16 guests in the user’s virtual room. Technical support can be added.

Room Subscription

  • Want to include conference rooms? Choose from one or more of our convenient Room subscription options:
  • Room – allows Vidyo conference rooms to be incorporated into the conferencing service. Includes technical support.
  • Gateway – allows non-Vidyo conference rooms to be incorporated into the conferencing service. Includes technical support.

User Plus Subscription

Do you host virtual events and webcasts? Add the User Plus subscription, an event-based service for a minimum of 50 participants to as many as 1000. User Plus enables recording and simulcasting for up to 300 non-participant viewers. Includes support during and surrounding your event.