Physical IT Infrastructure Systems

Integrating technology and environment to support and secure your connections.

Unified Contact Centers

Your contact center is the core of your customer service operation and allows critical communications between your staff and the customers you serve. Today, the channels for those communications are expanding to include much more than voice services – giving your customers a choice in how they connect with you.

TWD unified contact center solutions deliver that choice with a variety of communications options including voice, online chat, email, SMS text message, and social media.

Our solutions support the follow-through of these communications effectively on the back end as well, with critical integration of the distinct communications systems and your IT infrastructure. The resulting unified contact center solution enables seamless workflows and streamlined processes for documenting, handling, and resolving your customer interactions and issues efficiently – regardless of the channel from which they originated.

Seamless Operations

TWD unified contact center integrated solutions incorporate leading-edge technologies and capabilities that optimize the contact center experience – for your customers as well as for your staff:

  • Advanced Interactive Voice Response (IVR): with voice recognition simplifies workflow, facilitates customer self-service, and allows customers to find the information or customer service agent they need – quickly.
  • Email Management and Queuing Capabilities: enable your contact center staff to route customer emails to the right agents – and queue based on your defined priority policy.
  • Advanced Call Routing Capabilities: send calls to the right agent based on factors including date, time, holiday, service level, or prioritization, and provide customers with service wait-time info.
  • Advanced Analytics, Reporting, Recording, and Workforce Management: facilitate management of staffing levels, quality control, workflow optimization, and customer service issue-handling.
  • Supervisor Tools: enable active agent monitoring, live chat, team messaging, and call interruption for customer intervention.
  • Flexible Deployment: using an IP-based system with flexible agent software and soft-phone capabilities supports decentralized operations – your staff can be located anywhere there is an Internet connection.
  • Reliable, Redundant, and High Availability: implementations are available for those critical applications where down-time is not an option.

TWD Unified Contact Center Solutions

  • Provide Multiple Channels for Customer Contact
  • Integrate Systems with Your Infrastructure and Third-Party Software
  • Support Decentralized Operations with Anywhere-Anytime Connectivity
  • Deliver Comprehensive Analytics with Visualization
  • Allow Call Recording
  • Promote Customer Self-Service with Smart Call Routing
  • And more…

Optimized Customer Experience

Regardless of your organization’s size, TWD unifies the multiple systems that support your contact center communications and service delivery. We deliver a flexible, scalable, modern contact center solution that improves the customer experience on the front end – and enables your team to handle customer interactions and deliver real results on the backend.