Physical IT Infrastructure Systems

Integrating technology and environment to support and secure your connections.

Physical IT Infrastructure Systems

The best design for your enterprise network and IT systems begins with you. Your system requirements are determined by your specific business objectives, processes, user types and patterns, even your budget.

Your physical IT infrastructure – including the wires, cables, phone lines that serve as the paths that connect all of your networks and devices – is a critical aspect of that design, and supports your systems both today and into the future as your business grows and new technologies, bandwidth requirements, and capabilities emerge.

Regardless of your business size and reach, TWD physical IT infrastructure services start from the ground up, taking into account both form and function in translating your technology, user, security, and environment style requirements; and establishing a strong network architecture that you can build on.

A Solid Foundation

From bandwidth to performance, your systems rely on a physical IT infrastructure that fits your specific operations. TWD physical IT infrastructure services ensure that your foundation is solid, and include the following:

With specialized knowledge across a range of capabilities, our experienced and technology-certified IT infrastructure services engineers and technicians provide expert design and build support for everything from simple installs – to large technology projects that integrate data, voice, and video technologies in complex multimedia solutions.

In addition, our partnerships with major technology manufacturers keep us informed and connected with the latest innovations and future trends in physical IT infrastructure technologies – insights that we consider in the design and build of your infrastructure solution.

Quality Is Built In

TWD adheres to our top-level standards for managing the design and build support for all of our technology projects – regardless of project size. Particularly for more complex projects such as digital media systems, these standards ensure that your system is designed and delivered according to your requirements, budget, and timeline. The result is a high-quality infrastructure that fits your business – today and tomorrow.

TWD Infrastructure Services

  • Site Surveys
  • Solution Identification
  • Design Solutions
  • System Engineering & Design Build
  • Project Management
  • System Documentation
  • Custom System Programing
  • Equipment Procurement
  • Installation & Integration
  • Multimedia Project Integration and O&M