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Biometrics Solutions

From voice and gait data to hand geometry, biometrics is the wave of the future. Thanks to TWD’s tactical biometrics capabilities, that future is now.

A long-term trusted advisor to the U.S. Federal Government, TWD includes biometrics among our extensive catalog of core competencies that support and satisfy mission-critical needs. Our specialized biometrics tactical team assists government agencies in everything from security and monitoring for physical plants to protecting our borders, our travelers, and our citizens using the most advanced products and solutions available.

Part of our collaboration and IT infrastructure solutions set of services, TWD biometrics capabilities cover the expert design, deployment, and integration of multiple modalities into your environment and with existing systems and databases. These include facial recognition, iris scanning, camera mobility and monitoring, fingerprint identification, portable systems, linear ground detection and intrusion solutions, and more.

A Tactical Approach

Our unique partnerships with recognized, industry-leading biometrics innovators pair the industry’s most advanced biometrics technologies with TWD’s highly specialized capabilities for the design and implementation of a customized biometrics solution. TWD also performs legacy security system modernizations, upgrading and rolling out new state-of-the-art solutions that incorporate the latest biometrics tools to meet evolving needs.

TWD’s biometrics capabilities include:

Integration Services and Implementation TWD delivers a complete biometric solution – from assessment and design to implementation to ongoing maintenance and support. Our integration services ensure critical connections with other systems, including government databases for automated information-sharing such as ICE and DHS systems. From installing cabling, networking, and powering the existing environment to mounting the equipment, TWD’s team takes care of all of the implementation details.

Enterprise Video Analytics Platform Our “single pane of glass” dashboard displays activities in real-time in a user-centric interface. TWD subject matter experts provide support for configuring the information feeds in easy to interpret, at-a-glance displays as well as drill-downs and reporting.

Help Desk TWD offers help desk support [link to: IT Support Services>Service Desk Support] through our 24/7 customer support center. Multiple levels (Tiers 1, 2, and 3) are available to accommodate the individual needs of each customer.

Deployment and Mounting Services TWD biometrics deployment services cover installations in both indoor and outdoor locations. We supply – and install – the physical cameras and other equipment used for facial, crowd, fence, perimeter, and ground detection as well as connect these systems to the network.

Legacy Infrastructure and Upgrade If you have existing legacy infrastructure hardware and/or software, TWD modernization services can update your system to a state-of-the-art security solution that incorporates the most advanced biometrics technologies available today.

Physical Infrastructure Mounting and Placement In addition to solution design and implementation, TWD takes care of the physical infrastructure aspects of your biometrics solution deployment as well. These can include laying fiber optic cable, mounting cameras and other equipment, and powering to feed repeaters and the network. We also provide and install linear ground detection hardware.

Cutting-Edge Protection

In today’s world, protection and security are more important than ever before. Whether your goal is to protect a physical perimeter or empower your field operations with portable detection and identification equipment, we can help. TWD is at the forefront of advanced protection with our biometrics offerings and efforts that help make the world a safer, more secure, and better place to live.

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