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TWD Voice

For SMBs, starting with the basics is not only practical, it’s practically a necessity. Your resources need to be focused on the business, along with a few technology essentials including phone and email.

Cost and familiarity are big factors when considering these investments, which is why SMBs tend to steer toward the traditional phone systems and residential-level (versus business-level) services – at least initially.

But these choices lack mobile integration capabilities, are difficult to manage, have inadequate bandwidth and call-quality issues – and actually can impact productivity and inhibit your business growth.

Is your existing phone system holding you back?

TWD Voice using Skype for Business is a game changer for SMBs – an affordable approach that empowers your users with big business capabilities – one step at a time.

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Benefits all around



  • Consolidate services
  • Streamline operations
  • Lower TCO for telecom
  • Enable teleworkers


  • Have the right tools
  • Connect on various devices
  • Engage more meaningfully with customers and colleagues


  • Simplify and secure BYOD
  • Reduce shadow IT
  • Manage and monitor with ease

Choose devices that work for your users


Desktop or Laptop

  • Make calls without a phone
  • PC or Mac compatible

Business Mobile or BYOD

  • Free iOS or Android app
  • Provide business-owned phones or tablets or let users bring their own device
Desk Phone 3

Polycom CX600 Desk Phone

  • Skype for Business certified
  • Large color display
  • HD Voice – handset or speaker
  • Presence status of contacts