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Infrastructure as a Service

Increasingly, organizations are moving their core computing resources from the in-house data center to hosted cloud solutions known as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). This model delivers core computing components such as physical and virtualized hardware, servers, software, and storage and provides critical services including ongoing system maintenance and backups.

Similar to other types of cloud offerings, IaaS solutions eliminate upfront capital investment, the need for specialized expertise, and the resource commitments of on-premise solutions. Plus, they carry the benefits of fixed pricing, anywhere access, and scalable resources that can be adjusted on-demand to serve changing workloads.

The growth of IaaS cloud-based workloads now has surpassed that of on-premise workloads – with continued significant growth predicted by Gartner. TWD helps you take advantage of this developing trend with a diverse package of services designed to meet your requirements for quick migration and deployment of your core operational systems to the cloud.

Computing Resources in the Cloud

Moving infrastructure services to the cloud requires a solid understanding of deploying, managing, and maintaining those same services in the traditional data center. TWD has developed and managed on-premise infrastructure systems for DoD and civilian agencies.  We continue to manage some of the most sensitive data in the U.S. Government. We have brought our customers into a cloud service oriented infrastructure through guided engineering and rigorous processes.  For one DoD customer, TWD designed and implemented a base-wide solution that enabled our customer to deploy voice, video, data and cloud storage to any facilities with little to no further changes to core environment.

We have applied this first-hand experience along with our certified Microsoft Gold expertise to build an IaaS solution that is unparalleled – a hybrid cloud that allows for the fast deployment of your systems; built-in reliability and connectivity; strong, multi-tenancy for secure protection of your most sensitive stored and in-motion data; and backed by TWD expertise, best practices, and industry-leading technologies.

Our guided engineering and rigorous processes bring your organization into our service-oriented architecture and deploy your critical IT operational systems such as voice, video, data, and storage in the cloud – with few required changes to your core data center environment.

TWD IaaS solutions offer the following options:

Virtual and Bare-Metal Systems

TWD offers cost-effective virtualized solutions as well as bare-metal systems that provide dedicated computing resources that are not shared. Prior to moving your systems to our TWD IaaS solution, our experts will work with you to gain an understanding of your system, application, and user requirements in order to customize and optimize our infrastructure services for your needs.

Secured Access

Security requirements can vary depending on workload type. TWD manages some of the most sensitive data in the US government as IaaS solutions, and as a result, our IaaS service infrastructure incorporates leading security technologies and capabilities in order to maximize the protection of all workloads hosted by our IaaS offerings.

Our cloud infrastructure security approach includes:


  • Multi-tenancy in the IaaS layer to minimize risk
  • Customer systems that are sandwiched between firewall/IPS/anti-virus abstracts on both backend and front-facing directions to protect your data and servers from unwanted intrusions
  • Servers that are firewalled individually from all others – with the exception of the required communication ports – to prevent unwanted access

TWD has constructed our IaaS services so that associated security levels and policies follow each virtual system regardless of which host it resides on or moves to.

Connection Options

In addition to our standard SLAs and uptime guarantees, TWD ensures that your data is always available with options that cover a range of connection requirements

  • Internet-Based Communication TWD provides direct access to your applications via the Internet
  • VPN Connectivity TWD creates VPN-enabled access between your tenanted applications and your site for direct access to all your systems
  • Private Circuit – TWD works with your service provider to deliver direct, circuited access to your applications

The Sky’s the Limit

Cloud-based services are transforming information technology, and TWD supports this transformation with IaaS, UCaas, and VCaaS solutions that free up valuable resources and eliminate capital expenditures – all while providing secure, scalable access to the most advanced technologies and computing resources. Shift to a new way of thinking about your data center operations. With TWD IaaS, the sky is the limit.