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Desktop Virtualization

Evolution has made significant impacts on efficiencies and IT support demands of the desktop. Today, organizations may engage any combination of desktop delivery options in their environments – including traditional desktops that run installed applications locally; Server-Based Computing (SBC) that eases administration by centralizing applications in the data center; and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) that delivers virtualized desktops on-demand from data center servers.

If you are considering VDI, our expert staff of TWD specialists can assess and help you achieve the significant benefits of this desktop delivery model in your environment.

TWD VDI solutions use of desktop virtualization makes it easier and less disruptive to administer your distributed assets from a centralized infrastructure. Benefits include:

  • Easing management tasks such as provisioning, upgrades, backups, and security
  • Consolidating application workloads and reducing requirements for IT support
  • Enabling users to connect to their desktop computing environment from any device
  • Delivering the power of data center resources directly to your users

Ease IT Administration, Cater to Custom User Needs

TWD VDI solutions deliver the efficiencies of desktop virtualization to the diverse needs of your business line users.

Our VDI solutions are ideal for highly specific users such as developers who need to work in separate environments without affecting other users – or for Apple users, procurement system users, and other workers that require specific and/or incompatible applications that also need the flexibility associated with an SBC environment such as remote access.

TWD builds on our proven foundation of technology diversification and designs our VDI solutions with a hybrid of technologies to provide service redundancy as well as flexibility to support proprietary and custom desktop needs of specific business and security policies efficiently.

The following are some of the technologies that form our complete TWD VDI solutions – with no single-point dependencies:

Service Enhancements

  • Ability to have multiple desktops (and configurations) for individual users
  • Centralize user access to non-Microsoft Office automation and browser applications (e.g., Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome, Word Perfect)
  • Centralize management and patching of all operating systems and applications
  • Quick and on-demand deployment/redeployment of systems
  • Quick provisioning of new technologies (e.g., Internet Explorer 10) to specific or multiple users for testing
  • Allocate x86 or x64 architectures to users who compile/test on multiple platforms
  • Provide a dedicated virtual network segregated from the production environment for development testing
  • Allow connectivity from the virtual network(s) to the development LAN for testing
  • Provide access to virtual desktops and/or application sessions remotely or from mobile devices

Security and Efficiencies

  • Ability to use and extend the life of existing workstation(s) and avoid procuring new equipment
  • Reduce need for network jacks or cable runs to workstations
  • Maintain physical workstations and virtual workstations on separate networks
  • Centralize multiple variations of base images – pre-installed with all development tools – for quick roll out and version updating
  • Empower developers to “snap-shot” their virtual workstations for quick roll-back to previous points in time
  • Provide access to virtual desktops from telework or other workstations via Web-based portal integration
  • Extend data center enterprise storage and resources to fibre channel users via their virtual desktops
  • Utilize existing licensing and software assurance to minimize costs

A Partner in Efficiency

If you are looking for consolidation, centralization, or efficiencies in your computing environment, we can help. Our TWD desktop delivery experts can perform a thorough analysis of your computing environment and business needs to determine whether a VDI solution is right for you.