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In its original form, electronic Discovery (eDiscovery) referred to the search of electronic data to find evidence for civil or criminal legal matters.

As stores of electronic data grew, organizations found new reasons to access the accumulating information, and the application of eDiscovery tools and process expanded. Today, eDiscovery is a broad term that is applied as frequently to regulatory and investigatory situations as it is to legal matters.

TWD addresses the breadth of these evolving use cases with flexible eDiscovery applications and managed services that blend our expertise, operational process, and cutting-edge tools to design and implement a customized eDiscovery solution that significantly improves eDiscovery collection times, lowers collection costs and simplifies tracking and reporting of all eDiscovery data requests. In addition, we partner with eDiscovery professional services providers to provide a complete Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) solution from data identification through presentation. Finally, we provide ongoing skilled management of the specialized eDiscovery process.

Our solutions automate the eDiscovery process, provide the ability to view project status, and support you in maintaining compliance with request turnaround times as well as with associated rules and regulations.

A Breadth of Applications

TWD has been in the world of eDiscovery for more than twelve years and has delivered ongoing related discovery services for twenty-nine agencies within a US cabinet department.

During these years, we have developed a nimble and automated operational process that ensures compliance with all of the necessary legal and security regulations surrounding an eDiscovery environment and greatly reduces the amount of time spent on each litigation request. This process – coupled with leading industry tools and technologies – separates our solution from all others in cost, effectiveness, speed, and flexibility.

Our user-friendly TWD eDiscovery platform provides a uniform and controlled process for managing all of your eDiscovery requests, leveraging electronic data that resides at your location as well as in any of your existing cloud implementations. Importantly, TWD also converts your archived legacy system data – even information stored in older formats such as floppy disks, mag tape, and zip disks – and places it in your cloud, forever automating its searchability.

TWD managed eDiscovery services deliver these key benefits:

  • Manage large numbers of eDiscovery requests with our automated workflow
  • Ensure consistent and efficient collection and processing through the elimination of redundant searching/collection efforts
  • Meet mandated timeframes for FOIA and eDiscovery requests with reduced request turnaround time
  • Reduce burden on the Chief Counsel’s office and increase collection speed with expanded organizational access that allows users in other offices to initiate requests for data
  • Increase transparency into the eDiscovery process:
    • Allows requests to be tracked for future reference and follow up
    • Accurate and easy reporting to GAO or other oversight auditing entities
  • Ensure compliance with current eDiscovery laws and regulations for collection and storage
TWD eDiscovery solutions features include:

  • An eDiscovery portal that provides location-independent access and information processing and downloading by a wide range of authorized offices and staff
  • Built-in security features, including user authentication, to address compliance and security requirements
  • Integration with your existing on-premise or cloud-based information management technologies
  • Search capabilities for all current and archived electronic data thoroughly and efficiently – including document files and email
  • Secured cloud-hosted storage that enables efficient processing, review, and analysis of information that is relevant to a request
  • Ability to allow access to necessary offices and staff even across large organizations, while still strictly limiting access to authorized individuals
  • Ability to store and protect highly sensitive or classified information

Applications for eDiscovery

  • Litigation Support
  • Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Requests
  • Civil Rights and Labor Issues
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Investigations
  • Program Complaints
  • Law Suits
  • Inspector General Investigations
  • General Counsel Matters

Supporting eDiscovery Success

TWD managed eDiscovery services help your organization address the breadth of today’s eDiscovery request types. Our highly qualified and cleared professionals understand the issues and requirements of working in sensitive or classified environments. Our collective deep expertise – combined with our innovative operational processes and evolving technologies – enable TWD to advise on policies and processes that ensure your successful eDiscovery operation with automated processes that are flexible and that leverage data volumes and hone in on relevant information cost-effectively.