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Applications Training

Applications training is a broad category with many use cases and multiple drivers. New hire training, for instance, typically is conducted on employer-specific HR applications such as time-keeping, recruiting tools, and employer portals. Soft-skill training – such as customer service, communication, and leadership training – is offered to individuals or planned for a specific group within an organization, often when a skill gap is discovered.

Change management plays a critical role in an organization’s ongoing support and operation. After a system, application, hardware, or new process is designed, developed, and awaiting deployment there is another major hurdle to operational readiness – the preparation, training, and acceptance (or adoption) of the change by those that are intended to use it.

With more than 30 years of lessons-learned demonstrating the importance of the effective management of organizational change, TWD is well-qualified to assist your organization in the preparation and training for a technology-driven transformation. We have managed large-scale technology-driven and business transformation initiatives for numerous US federal and state government agencies as well as for organizations in private industry. The breadth and depth of our experience maximizes your technology and business process reengineering ROI.

Preparing for Change

TWD employs the industry-leading Prosci® ADKAR® model for organizational change management. The ADKAR model is an action-oriented framework that empowers change one person at a time. Our expertise in change management includes:

  • Planning change management activities
  • Diagnosing gaps
  • Developing corrective actions
  • Supporting managers and supervisors through important transformation initiatives

Implementing Change

TWD leads pre-deployment, deployment and post- deployment and sustainment activities in support of new system deployment training. We provide home-station, mobile, and/or webinar training offering the training format(s) that are most effective and efficient for you.

TWD training program designers/developers are responsible for assessing the training requirements for your end-users and instructors. Our staff uses the Instructional System Design (ISD) method to design, develop, and maintain the full-spectrum of supporting communications and training materials for use in interactive multimedia instruction – including Web-based training, technology insertion in the classroom, Internet/intranet-based training, distance learning, and other educational technology platforms.

TWD Change Management Key Features:

  • Change management strategic planning
  • Communications planning, development, implementation
  • Sponsorship planning, coaching, implementation
  • Workforce readiness assessment
  • Training planning, development, implementation, evaluation
  • Custom-blended learning solutions design, development, implementation for Train-the-Trainer and instructor-led training
  • Webinar training development and delivery

Your Training Partner

TWD expertise in the latest authoring programs as well as audio, graphics, video, and animation technologies including Oracle User Productivity Kit (UPK) and Adobe Captivate have been essential to our training programs’ success. From critical strategic planning to training development and delivery, TWD can assist you in the successful management of your organizational changes.