Application Services

User-centric applications that power business productivity and goals.

Applications Development & Maintenance

As your organization evolves, the integration of applications and automation requirements should be designed to align with the changing dynamics of your business requirements.

TWD applications development and maintenance services help you address your growing business demands by rapidly delivering business value through IT applications.

Applications that Deliver Business Value

TWD applications development and maintenance services are aligned with the most current technologies available in the industry. Our skilled professionals implement Agile methodology using optimized processes tailored to meet the requirements of TWD customers in both the US Federal Government and commercial organizations.

As an experienced government service provider, our Agile approach allows us the flexibility to provide cost-effective solutions that realize business value frequently and incrementally – enabled by continuous integration and delivery.

We develop and provide operational support (Dev-Ops) to your application portfolios using Agile methodology standards. Our quality management and integration into application implementations is based on industry standard quality frameworks such as CMMI and Lean Six Sigma.

A Focus on User Experience

TWD applications development and maintenance services tap into the expertise of our experienced professional developers and Agile methodology to design and build user-centric applications that are engaging and interactive to enable business productivity and adoption.

Agile Core – Aligning Development to Your Priorities

agile diagram


Agile development as our fundamental methodology allows us to align development with dynamic requirements. We have a proven track record of Agile application-implemented development for all technology initiatives regardless of the platform.

TWD Application Services Use Cases

Cloud: Budget Tracking System

TWD designed and implemented an application for the cloud-based Salesforce platform that automates the workflow, tracking, and accountability of budget operations for any organization that manages a working capital fund.

The TWD solution allows for budget formulation that ties directly with projected operating plans, and that tracks income and expenses. Reporting provides views of the expenses, income, and other details that show how the budget is executed against the operating plan, as well as how every dollar earned is spent. The TWD solution introduces accountability for real-time income and expense reconciliation – important for the effective budget management and requirements of the working capital funding model.

Web: Executive Schedule Collaboration System

This TWD web-based application for a client organization allows for the collaboration and tracking of executive’s schedules via an online portal.

The application, designed and built on the Microsoft .NET platform, provides authorized individuals with a snapshot view of all executive undertakings, as well as identify all relevant details about any event that an executive is attending – including host information, media presence, cost details and facts about previous visits. The TWD custom-built robust reporting engine extracts real-time data from the MS SQL Server database to accommodate both ad-hoc and specific reporting requirements, including summaries of events for all executives, a 90-day forecast report, speaking engagement reports, and more.

eDiscovery: USDA eDiscovery Technology Development and Integration

TWD delivered a unique cloud-based eDiscovery solution in which we used core AWS technologies to solve a critical business need. TWD deployed eDiscovery within AWS, concurrent with our customer’s Microsoft Azure Cloud Office 365 migration.

A web-based portal, built and designed by TWD on the Microsoft .NET/MS SQL Server platform, is housed on the client’s intranet and automates departmental eDiscovery requests, responses, and workflow including FOIA requests, litigation holds, law suits, program complaints, and employee complaints. The portal, which is integrated with the eAuthentication single-sign-on for compliance and security, provides location-independent processing of this critical function, allowing users in other offices to be authorized for system access and to request data via the Microsoft cloud-based Business Productivity Online Suite for specific cases using key words, bulk email requests, and more. The results of the requests are posted on the portal for users to download locally for processing.

Our solution enables Records staff to search, identify, and retain relevant data and records stored within emails, onsite storage area networks (SAN), and AWS-based Storage-as-a-Service for legal discovery and other regulatory and litigation needs. A COTS product was integrated to search and retrieve records from the client’s on-premise NetApp SAN, and another COTS product (Sonian) to preserve and archive email records from active records (Office 365) and legacy (AWS storage) records.

Features configured or developed via Java apps or scripts include full-text indexing on the header, body, and all attachments, and advanced index-based search (e.g., Random Sampling (SEC/FINRA), Boolean, Fuzzy Logic, Proximity). Multiple export options are supported including pst, pdf, text, mime, .eml, and HTML.

Web: Student Internship Program Automation

This TWD web-based application was developed to automate a client organization’s internship program processes.

Built on the Microsoft .NET platform, the TWD solution automates and expedites the annual student internship application process and allows for multi-staged processing – including the collection of relevant student information, internship selection, and the communication process – to be handled from within the software application. Customized reports provide the program’s stakeholders with critical views into the program success.

Mobile: mReach – Mobile Communications

Mobile apps are now as common place as the Internet itself. Mobile applications are intuitive, require no support or training, and are used by people of all ages. TWD built and released a mobile application – on both the Apple iTunes and Android platforms – that enables a government agency IT organization to communicate with customers, service providers, and stakeholders during emergencies and outages.

The application enables the client to send information to users when the native IT services such as email, network, or the Mobile Device Management (MDM) infrastructure is unavailable. Notifications are sent to all customers about IT service statuses along with alerts on informational content, and inform customers of any outage or operating status changes.

Agile: USDA Radiation Safety Management System (RSMS)

TWD uses Agile/DevOps practices to meet end-user needs. The client’s Radiation Safety Management System (RSMS) application was built on .NET and SQL Server technologies. RSMS enables staff to request permits to use radioactive materials or radiation-producing devices and track the use and location of these materials/devices per Homeland Security regulations.

TWD used best practices to develop and sustain RSMS, and delivers working applications that are self-documenting based upon how we structure the code, naming conventions, or other development best practices.

A unified set of software tools, including a standard USDA-defined integrated development environment (IDE), drove communications and collaboration across our development team. IDE tools facilitated build, integration, and test in production-like environments, mitigating deployment risk.