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Streamlined contracts support a mix of public sector IT efforts and ensure efficient acquisition for our customers and partners.

NAVSEA SeaPort Enhanced Quality Assurance

TWD’s processes are designed to improve the quality of our customer support continuously. To ensure the overall quality of our tasks, we establish accurate planning, documentation, and lines of accountability – right from the start of each task. We use clear, written delineation of the roles and define the mission of each task team member to establish accountability and empowerment. The TWD quality assurance method is a strong team-building tool because it clarifies specific results, guidelines, and clear accountability for each team member.

TWD personnel and subcontractors perform their tasks under the supervision of experienced and knowledgeable TWD program managers, project leaders, and task managers — and use state-of-the-art production equipment and software to support their product development and delivery efforts. Deliverables are reviewed during the formative stages, throughout development, and prior to delivery. When electronic deliverables are transmitted, every attempt is made to ensure that the delivery is virus-free.

In maintaining our quality assurance standards, TWD recognizes the interaction of several components:

  • Quality of personnel assigned to the project
  • Identification and resolution of all problems through multiple audits and reviews, and
  • Quality assurance of products and services through regularly scheduled reviews
  • Direct control of each functional activity

Applying TWD Quality Assurance to the NAVSEA Contract

Quality assurance at TWD means a pervasive focus on customer requirements, and the pursuit of efficiency in our daily and business operations. To this end, TWD applies the following QA strategies to the NAVSEA SeaPort Enhanced contract:

  • Provide timely and accurate financial accounting and reporting using Deltek, an automated, DCAA-approved system.
  • Maintain close coordination with its customers through direct interface with program and task managers.
  • Enable TWD program managers to have direct access to top TWD management to acquire any resources required to provide a quality product to the customer.
  • Empower our employees to work with minimal supervision, which provides employees the flexibility to prioritize the technical requirements of each task.
  • Recognize and reward personnel for outstanding performance to promote high motivation, retention, and outstanding customer service.
  • Offer our employees continuing training opportunities in process improvement, problem-solving, decision-marking, and team building.
  • Continuously improve our corporate support processes – such as personnel retention and recruitment, enhancing our skill base, cost controls, accountability, reporting procedures, customer relations, and contract compliance.

In addition, TWD has a strong commitment to maintain projects on schedule and within budget. To ensure that the quality of our performance is not compromised, we will:

  • Plan for product review and revision during initial development of tasks
  • Reference the baseline objectives and plans when performing our quality reviews
  • Maintain highly qualified technical specialists
  • Draw upon all resources of TWD and all our partners to provide technical input and oversight for more improved products and services

Following are descriptions of additional aspects of the TWD quality assurance method that is applied to the NAVSEA SeaPort Enhanced contract:

Approach to Problem Resolution

TWD program managers work closely with the government and/or subcontractor’s principal leads to resolve problems. Any problems not resolved by the program managers will be referred to the TWD vice president of programs, and if necessary, to his subcontractor counterparts or to TWD’s president and CEO.

Management Practices and Training

TWD adheres to best practices management with a focus on outcome and results. While processes are necessary and contribute significantly to increases in productivity, best management practices require leadership and astute managers to ensure that requirements are met and results are achieved. TWD also ensures continuous training to its managers and task leaders in performance-based support contracting and best practices management through periodic seminars, workshops, and conferences.

Single Point of Contact

The TWD program manager is the single point of contact for resolving all NAVSEA SeaPort Enhanced matters. He responds to the requirements of the Navy’s SeaPort Enhanced contract, recruits and hires personnel, makes work assignments for both TWD and subcontractor personnel, authorizes expenditure of contractor labor, and authorizes contractor travel.

A task leader is designated to expedite both the TWD program manager’s directions and the interface between the contractor and government team members. Within each primary functional area, the TWD task leader has requisite subject matter expertise and experience. This functional leadership provides flexibility, responsiveness, and responsibility, as well as provides vital infrastructural support to the common primary functional areas of the team.

Work Flow and Schedule Control

Work flow and schedule control are driven by the requirements and schedule of the task order. The TWD task lead is directly involved with developing and controlling contractor work assignments and schedule. The TWD contract manager has the responsibility for procuring the needed resources from all teammates.