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Technology Systems

Networked Systems

Networked systems refer to the integration of computer networks and telecommunications networks. These systems connect devices such as computers and phones – combining hardware, software, and communications – and include telephone, cable TV, and cellular phone networks and the Internet, as well as emerging technologies such as the cloud and virtualization.

TWD unites our strengths and expertise in networked systems solutions for data, video and voice infrastructures to provide you with a wide range of networked systems that are customized to fit your specific needs.

Creating a Solid Infrastructure

There are multiple approaches to connecting computers and communications – and just as many reasons to do so. TWD networked systems specialists are experienced and certified in a number of data and telecommunications technologies and applications and can help you plan and implement reliable, secure networks.

TWD solutions include:

Voice/Video/Data Systems

TWD builds converged systems that include Integrated VoIP (Voice Over IP), video (IP VTC), and data. Our experienced team includes VoIP engineers that are trained on Cisco, Avaya, and ShoreTel, and a staff that is specialized in IP Telephony and VTC transport (Telepresence) with advanced knowledge in Cisco Telepresence products (formerly Tandberg). Our first step in building converged systems is to determine and understand each application’s communication signature – including bit-rate requirements, latency tolerance, jitter tolerance, and frequency of use by location. From there, we can construct an effective network environment that supports all of your application types.

Virtualization – Private Cloud Solutions

TWD cloud-based server solutions deliver applications and provide our customers with virtualized data centers that utilize high availability technologies and replication to increase application uptime. Our solutions incorporate physical and logical redundancy and Five-9's system-network availability to ensure that your host or data center outages will not result in lost productivity or end users not being able to reach their applications. In our high availability environments, our networked systems monitor for primary host outages and immediately transfer to secondary hosts, which can be located anywhere – within the same data center, in the next town, or across the country. TWD certified engineers are proficient in the use of VMware vSphere 5, and ARCserve High Availability.

TWD also delivers Citrix XenDesktop remote desktop solutions using either Microsoft Windows XP or Windows 7. Our engineers can deploy Citrix farms and replicate data among multiple data centers to ensure that your users will always have a desktop connection. Our desktop solutions enable you to:

  • Increase workforce productivity by presenting personal desktops, no matter where the user is located
  • Lower total cost of ownership (TCO) by centralizing desktop management and eliminating complex PC and laptop solutions
  • Protect important data by ensuring that data sits only within the customer environment
  • Rapidly deploy desktops and applications to users

IP Video Streaming – Digital Media Systems 

A Cisco Digital Media System Partner, TWD has forged a strong working relationship with Cisco in this technology area to drive new and emerging technologies to our customers. We design and build IP digital signage solutions to deliver important messages to your customers and your employees, and design and build IP video streaming within your infrastructure to deliver video and IP-TV to the desktop and to services including IP digital signage. Integrating IP-TV to signs enables you to stream news throughout key areas of your buildings, such as cafeterias or outside conference rooms. TWD configures video storage and delivery systems using Cisco Digital Media Suite. Also called Cisco Show and Share, this product enables your users to create videos and post them on the Show and Share sites and is particularly useful for supporting education videos for human resources or for technical references. TWD also is experienced in AMX products.

Enterprise Applications (Active Directory, Exchange)

TWD leverages its Silver partnership with Microsoft to deploy enterprise-wide Active Directory and Microsoft Exchange solutions. Our Active Directory solutions provide LDAP solutions for AAA (Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting) support for applications across the enterprise. We also develop single sign on (SSO) solutions for your applications. TWD is experienced in developing and implementing unified messaging solutions with Microsoft Exchange, and we apply our Cisco Unity experience to deliver voice messaging to your users’ desktops.

Advanced Network Infrastructure

TWD specializes in the engineering of converged networks. We implement today’s most advanced networked systems, such as the Cisco Nexus, to deliver video, voice, and data – and include the transport of SAN using Fiber Channel over Ethernet (FCoE). We also construct converged IP networks for WAN- and MAN-based networks and design and build converged voice and data networks.

Storage Area Networks (SAN) and Network Area Storage (NAS)

We build SAN and NAS management solutions to operate remotely, so you don’t have to be near the data center to provision disk space. Our streamlined storage provisioning solution ensures that disk space can be allocated quickly, when needed. TWD implements SAN solutions for EMC and we have implemented NAS solutions for Dell. We work with our customers to plan out storage capacity to ensure smooth operation through adequate usage. Data storage retention policies and design routines are created by TWD engineering staff to facilitate SAN storage best practices and desktop storage administration. Procedures are developed, implemented, and maintained for storage change management, availability management, backup management, and incident management.

Network with Us

We apply our specialization and expertise in developing and implementing for data, video and voice infrastructures to provide you with a wide range of networked systems that are designed to fit your needs and deliver the advantages of combining data and communications technologies:

Voice/Video/Data Systems

TWD has developed converged solutions for DoD, DHS, and other civilian agencies – starting with traditional voice services and engineering the conversions to integrated VoIP environments. We also have converted ISDN-based Telepresence solutions and converted them to pure IP Telephony environments.

Virtualization – Server, Desktop, Data

TWD has experience developing, engineering, deploying, and monitoring server virtualization solutions, including cloud solutions for DHS and DoD. Our DHS solution replicates data across two DHS data centers and monitors systems for high availability. TWD delivers Citrix XenDesktop solutions for DHS and DoD. Our DHS customer network serves desktops to hundreds of users.

IP Video Streaming

In our DiMeS project for the NAVSEA CIO program, we delivered Cisco DMS for IP signage, which educates users throughout the agency’s facilities on information that is pertinent to their mission – and IP-TV, which provides users with news feeds, or streaming video of important announcements. TWD has engineered and deployed IP signage at DHS Science and Technology (S&T) headquarters using AMX products, which has enabled S&T to deliver relevant information to their employees. Changes to the IP signs can be made on the fly, so emergency announcements can be made without delay. TWD also uses vBrick to deliver streaming video to users over other executive level communications networks.

Enterprise Applications (Active Directory, Exchange)

TWD has skilled Microsoft engineers on its staff, many of whom carry MCSE certifications. Our experience and proficiency in the Microsoft product stack has enabled our customers to use LDAP solutions for Website and application login access. TWD runs Microsoft Exchange servers for our customers in both stand-alone and in clustered environments.

Advanced Network Infrastructure

TWD has developed many cutting-edge solutions for our customers – a result of our deep experience, technology proficiency, and forward-thinking engineers. Our team is certified on Cisco products with certifications including CCIE, CCNP, CCNA, and CCDA. We have built several converged network environments that include data, voice, and video as well as SAN.

Storage Area Networks (SAN) and Network Area Storage (NAS)

TWD has deep expertise working on SAN and NAS products for EMC, Dell, and Hitachi. Our SAN transport solutions include Fiber Channel (FC), Fiber Channel over Ethernet (FCoE), and iSCSI. We have engineered and deployed NAS solutions for file services.