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Electronic Security Systems (ESS)

IT Security Solutions

Controlling access to your information and systems involves securing not only your data and applications (logical assets) but also your hardware and facilities (physical assets).

TWD is an emerging provider of cost-effective, performance-focused IT security solutions within the area of Electronic Security Systems. We apply our expertise to solutions that enable you to control access consistently and effectively across your enterprise with security methods that range from card readers to highly specialized biometric personal identification devices such as iris scan and fingerprint verification.

Controlled Access

TWD’s IT security solutions technology practice delivers a wide array of Electronic Security Systems services including: conceptualization and planning, design, integration and implementation, acceptance testing, and follow-on support.

The diversity of our experience and expertise allows us to address a multitude of specialized areas within this field:

  • Access Control – TWD has extensive and certified experience with the design and installation of access control systems (ACSs). Our knowledge and proficiency with ACS technology is demonstrated by the fact that leading access control equipment manufacturers such as MDI and Software House partner with TWD.
    • We work with the latest ACS technologies, including:
    • Card Readers
    • Digital Video Badging
    • Biometric Personal Identification Devices
      • Iris Scan
      • Voice Recognition
      • Signature and Fingerprint Verification
  • Intrusion Detection – TWD has provided major intrusion detection systems nationwide and broadened our horizon to include overseas locations for both the government and private sector. Our expertise has broadened to include all of the following:
    • Interior and Perimeter IDS
    • Fiber Optic and Copper
    • Custom Software Based Systems
    • Access Control and CCTV interfaces
  • CCTV Systems – TWD is experienced in the design and installation of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) systems, and has relationships with leading CCTV suppliers such as Pelco, Panasonic, and Brivo. Our services include:
    • Cable and Closed Circuit TV Networks
    • Video Motion Detection
    • Complete Engineering, Design, and Testing
    • Customized Control Stations
    • Secure and Tamper-proof Installations
  • NVR & Management – TWD has expertise in the design, engineering, and implementation of video and integrated systems management that require biometric analysis (e.g., facial, physical, or voice recognition). TWD maintains relationships with industry technology leaders such as OnSSI and Milestone Systems.

Your Security Partner

TWD’s IT security solutions have helped optimize and ensure the security of our clients’ information, systems, facilities, and people for more than 20 years. Our proficiency with security technologies across the range of Electronic Security Systems – including ACS, intrusion detection, cable and CCTV systems, and NVR and video management systems – enables us to design and deliver a cost-effective, customized solution that secures your organization’s valuable assets.