TWD Services

Communication Watch Officers and Console Operators

Government agencies are required to monitor their communications and to implement effective measures for receiving, routing, and transmitting information exchanges – particularly for classified projects.

TWD has the proven, skilled resources for the roles of communication watch officers and console operators who perform communications monitoring responsibilities. Our resources have the proper government clearances, can implement tested standard operating procedures, and are trained to operate and maintain a wide range of secure and non-secure telephony equipment – including audio-conferencing bridges, telephone switches and instruments, radio and satellite communications, and mobile communications systems

Our communication watch officers and console operators ensure that your secure and non-secure communication functions are performed flawlessly, whether you are operating under normal project conditions or during periods of crisis, including national emergencies and disasters.

Someone to Watch over You

TWD brings a deep understanding and significant experience to all levels of mission-critical national and international communications. We established and staffed the first Switchboard Operation Center for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) at the Nebraska Avenue Complex and provided console operators to the Department of State (DoS) for more than 17 years.

Our communications specialists are trained to monitor your communications through multiple channels – from phone calls to meetings and other sources – receive information, and determine how that information should be shared and with whom.

TWD communication watch officers:

  • implement tested standard operating procedures for call handling – including standard greetings and communications dialog, conduct for audio conferences, and escalation policies
  • establish project-based processes that ensure critical record keeping and documentation, and the timely preparation and transmission of information
  • are available and/or on-call for service up to and including 24x7 operations
  • TWD console operators:
  • follow established protocols and procedures for handling and routing calls
  • support multiple work day shifts and weekends up to and including 24x7 operations

A Solid Track Record

TWD has proven experience providing critical communications support for the highest levels of government. We can put our skills and knowledge to work for you – from establishing and following proper protocols for normal operations to providing high-priority, time-critical communications functions and emergency notification support during emergencies.

TWD’s professional communications support includes:

  • Telephone switchboard support
  • Communications center operations support
  • Telephone operations and maintenance
  • Staff augmentation support (communication watch officers, console operators, conference operators, and communication watch officer support staff)

Project Examples

Our specific experience delivering professional communications resources and support to our government clients includes the following current and past projects:

SUPPORT TYPE: Communications Watch Officer (CWO) Support
CLIENT: DHS Office of Operations, Coordination, and Planning – National Operations Center

The Communications Watch Officer (CWO) is a critical participant in the operation of the National Operations Center (NOC) who collects information from a large variety of sources every day to help detect and prevent terrorist acts. The CWO ensures that the lines of communication remain open regardless of the situation, or the location of senior leadership.

TWD currently provides around the clock (24/7/365) CWO support at the NOC and ensures that:

  • Calls between senior government officials and cabinet members are handled expeditiously
  • Emergency notifications are routed properly to DHS leadership during times of national emergency
  • Secure and non-secure radio and telephone equipment that supports the NOC and the Mount Weather facility is operating properly
  • Secure and non-secure teleconferencing needs of NOC and Mount Weather personnel are fulfilled
  • The DHS Secretary is able to remain in communications with DHS via mobile communications equipment