TWD Services

Broadcast Communication

Broadcast communication services cover a wide range of technologies and expertise for capturing and transmitting voice, video, and data over various media, such as television, radio, and the Internet.

Since 2002, TWD has delivered a comprehensive range of broadcast communication services for our government agency clients. Our seasoned professionals provide the specialized technical and production knowledge and exacting performance needed to support and distribute live broadcasts of your critical announcements and events.

“On Air”

TWD broadcast communication services offer the full breadth of technical and production support you need for a worry-free, problem-free transmission of your event. Our experts are well-versed in all the related details – from the onsite set-up of cameras, lighting, and sound systems to ensuring that the technical equipment and systems for your broadcast are maintained, tested, and readied for flawless performance.

TWD services and support include the following:

Broadcast Operations Services

  • HD broadcast distribution and Internet Protocol
  • Full digital audio and video workflow
  • Advanced off-air video compilation
  • Live event camera switching and operation
  • Video on-demand support
  • Live streaming video content for Website applications
  • Live event audio feeds from any worldwide location
  • Multiple levels of video transcoding
  • Multimedia and graphic services
  • Ability to distribute products through a wide variety of recording mediums
  • All aspects of maintenance and training

Event Production Support

  • Coordination efforts for all phases of events
  • Direct audio-visual support
  • Sound reinforcement systems
  • Professional grade videotaping
  • Audio and video distribution
  • Announcing and presentation
  • Travel mission requirements
  • Distribution of products through a wide variety of recording mediums
  • Set design for videotaping setups for unique government requirements

Full-Service Support

From your facility or from anywhere in the world – TWD delivers full-service support and expertise for your broadcast communication needs. Our 10+ years of exact mission experience and highly trained personnel differentiate our services from other vendors. TWD has a successful performance record in most demanding national security environments that others can only promise, and our cleared personnel meet your requirements for the most secure settings.