TWD Services

IT Operations Management

IT operations management provides the day-to-day technical supervision of your Information and Communication Technology (ICT) infrastructure. It has a technical bias, and is concerned – not solely with incidents reported by users – but with events generated by or recorded by the infrastructure itself.

The TWD IT operations management team utilizes operational monitoring and management tools to monitor, identify, categorize, log, and mitigate system events that have the potential to cause service disruptions or unplanned downtime of your business-critical systems. IT operations management works together with technical management to provide comprehensive system coverage that keeps your technology – and your business – running.

Bridging the Gap

As your organization grows and your user base expands, the technology and the systems that support your business naturally become more complex. The TWD IT operations management team works alongside the service desk team to provide an effective “operations bridge” between your ICT infrastructure management and your users.

Our deep expertise and use of industry-leading system monitoring and management tools enable our team to identify potential issues and recurrent events before they lead to poor performance or unplanned downtime of your business-critical ICT systems. Our team is responsible for maintaining:

  • A stable, secure infrastructure
  • A current library of documentation
  • A log of all operational events
  • Operational monitoring and management tools
  • Operational scripts

Comprehensive Coverage

Our IT operations management services work to mitigate poor system performance and downtime – and together with our technical management services, ensure that your ICT infrastructure is optimized for performance and reliability.

TWD provides IT operations management support for NAVSEA, DHS CWIN, DHS Science and Technology Directorate, and other executive-level federal government agencies.