Contract Vehicles
Contract Vehicles


Through its prime contractor, Verizon Business, TWD offers a comprehensive, solutions-oriented approach for meeting agency requirements under the Washington Interagency Telecommunications System 3 (WITS 3) contract.

Contract Scope

TWD’s WITS 3 contract offerings include a full suite of voice solutions -- from basic local and long distance service to VoIP, cable installation, satellite, teleconferencing and audio/visual services, technical support and much more. The WITS 3 contract was awarded in 2008 with a 4-year base contract period and 4 one-year options. It has a ceiling value of $1.8 billion over the 8-year contract term.

Our contract offerings are based on what WITS customers are buying today and include the following benefits:

  • Smooth Transition of Critical Infrastructure – No loss of service functionality or disruption of service during a transition from existing services to WITS 3.
  • Full Service Solutions – TWD makes a broad array of fully managed end-to-end solutions available.
  • Enable Convergence – The TWD WITS 3 service offerings allow for migration to a converged environment through access to emerging technologies with continuous refreshment.

Contract Details

:Contract Number: GS11T-08-B-JD6001
Contract Period: June 2008 – June 2016; 4-year base and 4-year option period
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