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Core Competencies

IT Infrastructure Services

Significant technology advancements over the past decade have revolutionized IT infrastructure services. Today, new robust features and functionality:

  • provide bandwidth efficiencies and lower costs than traditional systems
  • take advantage of existing networks for both voice and data transmissions, and
  • support communications reliably and efficiently within – and beyond – the walls of your organization

With more than 20 years of applied knowledge and a team of certified professionals, TWD is a leader in the design, engineering, and installation of innovative, industry-leading enterprise information technology and unified communication solutions that fit your needs and budget, from voice communications such as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) to information transport systems for voice, data, and video networks.

Now We’re Talking

With an emphasis on the design of industry best-of-breed solutions that fit your specific government agency technical specifications, TWD provides IT management services and unified communication solutions that support the entire build-out and/or retrofit of your new infrastructure for the following technical areas:

  • Voice Communications – Current industry trends are moving from traditional voice PBX systems to converged systems  solutions that include voice, video, and data. TWD professionals are certified to design, install, and maintain converged IP networks and VoIP systems from the three leading VoIP manufacturers: Avaya, Cisco, and ShoreTel, which enables us to select the solution that best fits your technical and financial needs. In addition, TWD designs, engineers, and installs overhead and zone paging systems, call centers, and provides support for mobile devices including cell phones, PDAs, and tablets.
  • Information Transport Systems – Structured cabling is a term used to describe the information transport system (ITS) for one or more network infrastructures. Similar to other types of utilities, there are several key elements (subsystems) such as vertical and horizontal wiring and closet and station equipment that compose the larger system. An ITS design and installation is governed by a set of specific standards issued by the Building Industry Consulting Services International (BICSI) organization that specify various cable types including the most common category 5e (CAT-5e), category 6 (CAT-6), and fiber optic cabling along with modular connectors. Our ITS designs emphasize future-proofing cabling solutions that are expected to last at least 10 years, since it is difficult to replace cabling inside walls, in ducts, under the floor, and other difficult places. This enables the ITS to support at least three or four generations of network equipment and connected devices over its lifetime. The ITS may be for secure or non-secure standalone voice, data, or video network or any combination of a converged networked system.
  • Structured Cabling – In addition to ITS for traditional network communications infrastructures, TWD also provides the necessary infrastructure (cabling) subsystem for IT security solutions.

To support our IT infrastructure management and computer network communication solution offerings, TWD operates a 10,000 square foot warehouse at its Beltsville, MD location and a 3,000 square foot test lab and 2,500 square foot warehouse at its Springfield, VA Engineering and Technology Center (ETC). TWD operates a fleet of service vehicles – including bucket trucks to support outside plant aerial and underground installations and heavy-duty delivery vehicles for sites requiring large material shipments – for immediate deployment of support to customer locations.

TWD professionals are trained and/or certified as follows:

  • TWD voice communications and network engineers carry the latest manufacturer’s certifications including Cisco CCIE and CCNA and Avaya ACA
  • Our experienced ITS engineers carry the industry-recognized BICSI RCDD certifications.
  • All of our ITS installers are trained to industry-recognized BICSI standards. TWD technicians are equipped with the latest installation and testing tools and equipment, including network assessment tools and copper and fiber testers.

TWD Connections

TWD has significant demonstrated experience in the design, engineering, installation, and maintenance of innovative IT infrastructure services. Our solutions range in scope and complexity for diverse customer requirements, as referenced in the following examples of our work:

  • TWD designed, engineered, installed and maintains over 15,000 voice communications stations that cover multiple locations in the greater Washington, D.C. area for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) headquarters facilities on an Avaya-based platform.
  • For a major Cabinet-level agency, TWD designed, engineered, installed, operates, and maintains a major converged Cisco solution in support of the government’s Continuity of Operations and Continuity of Government requirements.
  • TWD designed, engineered, and installed a 10-gigabyte color-keyed infrastructure project for an executive-level communications agency, which included a complete cabling matrix with an extensive labeling schematic, as-built cable diagrams, and cable testing results.
  • TWD supported the Department of Justice’s effort to centralize agencies into one headquarters location by installing a Gigabit-capable copper cabling for a secure network, full horizontal infrastructure build-out in multiple zone configuration of telecom rooms, data centers, and network operations centers (NOCs), including horizontal deployment through ceiling system for more than 4500 seat locations. In performing this project, TWD’s workmanship met all industry (ANSI, EIA/TIA, and BICSI) standards.
  • Since 1991, TWD has provided cabling and infrastructure support services to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) National Institute of Health (NIH). Project tasks have included requirements analysis; network design, implementation, documentation, and testing; fiber optic and copper cabling infrastructure installations (including outside plant, riser, backbone, and horizontal distribution systems); LAN/WAN network infrastructure deployments; installation and maintenance of telephone and LAN equipment; building infrastructure design; help desk support, and on-demand services such as splice equipment/vehicles and emergency repairs. Many of the NIH requirements are associated with the HHS county-wide communication system (comprised of 60,000 terminals and five ESS/ISDN switches) that delivers turn-key video, telephone, and voice mail services to thousands of users. TWD has completed significant projects for NIH including multiple phase, multiple building installations encompassing over 2000 workstations and four million linear feet of cable, as well as daily ongoing MAC (moves, adds, and changes) work.
  • TWD has installed a total of over eight million linear feet of copper cable, equating to about 1500 miles of installed ITS for DHS. In addition, we installed over two-and-one-half million feet (about 500 miles) of fiber in support of DHS HSDN and LAN C high-security networks. We have provided more than 650 secure SCIF seats at locations such as the Nebraska Avenue Complex (NAC), Vermont Ave, Glebe Road, and DNDO. We have also provided more than 6500 non-secure SBU seats. We are a major provider of copper and fiber backbone cabling, Air Blown Fiber (ABF) installation, and Cable TV (CATV) infrastructure for these locations.