Applying Technology Amplifying Results
Core Competencies


Identifying and delivering the specific capabilities that customers value are important to the success of any business. Developing those capabilities and offering them in ways that are not easily replicated are the core competencies that separate an organization from its competitors.

At TWD, our core competencies represent our collective set of specialized knowledge and deep proficiency in today’s leading technologies, exclusive processes that we’ve developed and honed to assure quality and reliable results, and more than 20 years of successful applied work experience with executive-level, national security-focused organizations.

Delivering Clear Value

TWD’s core competencies are demonstrated in distinctive technology solutions and services that deliver differentiated value in these specific areas:

Experience the Difference

The difference is clear. TWD’s core competencies provide a fundamentally sound base from which we offer a complete set of solutions and capabilities that enhance your mission performance, reduce your cost of ownership – or both.